Limited Editions


Limited Edition: Stealth Gray


Dark Ops never looked so good.

Drawing on our roots as a manufacturer of high-security products for the military, we were inspired to create a Chronos that pays homage to the often shadowy sector which spawned much of the advanced technology and materials that are used in every Chronos we build. This rugged limited Edition Chronos watch safe boasts a low-gloss exterior finish inspired by the special operations vehicles used by the U.S. Military. The all black and stainless interior boasts a full-length watch panel housing 36 programmable winders and a single 5in. drawer for storage of essentials. The covert and cool combine here to create a one-of-a-kind Chronos worthy of its lineage.

Standard Configurations

Chronos 4218

Interior Dimensions: 42″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Interior Dimensions: 48.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1350 lbs.

4218 Spec Sheet

Chronos 6218

Interior dimensions: 62″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Interior dimensions: 68.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1750 lbs.

6218 Spec Sheet

* Fire and burglary protection ratings are consistent for both safe sizes, as is the selection of available features.