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Chronos 4218

Interior Dimensions: 42″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Exterior Dimensions: 48.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1350 lbs.

4218 Spec Sheet

Chronos 6218

Interior dimensions: 62″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Exterior dimensions: 68.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1750 lbs.

6218 Spec Sheet

* Fire and burglary protection ratings are consistent for both safe sizes, as is the selection of available features.

Standard Protection Features

  • ½” ballistic armor door with 2″ inches of concrete amalgamate
  • ¼” inch ballistic armor body with 2 ½” inches of concrete amalgamate
  • Fire Rated to protect contents for 90 min. at 1700° F
  • Four way bolt work with anti-drive
  • 1 ½” solid titanium locking bolts
  • Commercial-grade UL approved Group 2 high-security biometric lock with redundant electronic lock backup
  • Glass plate relocking system
  • Chip carbide hard plate
  • Multi-sensor alarm with bolt lock indicator and home security integration
  • Flush door frame design with overbuilt spread resistant doorframe
  • Double anchor locking bolt carriage design
  • Four 5/8 inch floor anchor bolts

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