Standard Chronos Models


Metallic Black and Stainless

Stark black contrasts with the glint of brushed stainless steel for a look that is all at once refined and masculine.

For those who prefer to sample from the dark side, the Metallic Black and Stainless Chronos watch safe delivers. Jet black plating infused throughout the safe presents a dramatic contrast to the razor clean lines of adjoining stainless features, while the twelve bristling titanium locking bolts establish an undeniable sense of unyielding strength. This monolithic icon instantly secures a dominant presence wherever it takes root.

Standard Configurations

Chronos 4218

Interior Dimensions: 42″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Interior Dimensions: 48.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1350 lbs.

4218 Spec Sheet

Chronos 6218

Interior dimensions: 62″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Interior dimensions: 68.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1750 lbs.

6218 Spec Sheet

* Fire and burglary protection ratings are consistent for both safe sizes, as is the selection of available features.