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The Revolution

The Chronos Watch Safe Stands In A League All Its Own

The Chronos Series of luxury watch and jewelry safes are like nothing that has come before them. Born out of an unwavering desire to create the world’s greatest watch vault, the Chronos combines Brown Safe’s security knowledge gleaned from 35 years of producing safes and vaults for the government, military, and private sectors, along with our passion to produce security products Built To A Higher Standard.

Its not good enough to have a truly impenetrable safe - it has to offer the features, technology, and stunning aesthetics to be called the Chronos.

Designed To Awe

Envisioning a truly remarkable safe created specifically for the preservation of fine timepieces – a vault as intricately designed and as equally refined as the watches it would house – a team of security experts, mechanical engineers, designers, and craftsmen set out create a safe like no other.

Drawing on proven security methods developed for the protection of high threat locations, military bases, and government embassies around the globe; and making use of construction methods and materials Brown Safe previously employed for the building of nuclear missile transport vaults, the team harnessed everything at their disposal to give life to the sum of all watch safes - The Chronos.

Impenetrable Protection

At the core of this impressive safe is its revolutionary construction methods and the innovative materials used to create it. Every Chronos is completely constructed of true military-grade ballistic armor plate - a material that until now was strictly reserved for the military.

Steel so strong, that it required specialized manufacturing methods to be implemented in order to create the Chronos. Sure, we could have used standard methods, but when setting out do design only the best - nothing less than revolutionary will suffice.

Ballistic testing performed with a .50 caliber round did nothing more than remove the paint. Watch the footage

Twelve massive titanium locking bolts eradicate door vulnerability while reducing the overall weight of the lock mechanism. The result is an excessively reinforced door that opens with less effort than our base protection safe models.

Together with the continuously welded military grade ballistic plate armor the titanium locking bolts negate any attempts from leverage attacks.

All vital watch case bolt work components are shielded from external attacks by reinforced hardplates, making the safe impervious to penetration attacks such as drilling, cutting, explosions, and fired projectiles.

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      1/2 inch Ballistic Armor door

This ballistic armor truly provides next generation protection levels.
The extreme density of the armor produces a door with more penetration protection than a steel door three times thicker, qualifying the Chronos as the highest protection rated safe Brown Safe offers.

An additional breakthrough benefit of our ballistic armor safe is the Chronos is less than half the weight of a steel safe equal in protection.
This makes the Chronos the only ultra-security safe capable of being installed in your home's upstairs areas.
The excessive steel weight of ultra-security safes normally prevents them from installations in upper level locations without excessive structural modifications to the floor.

      1/4 inch Ballistic Armor body construction

The quarter inch interlocking double welded Ballistic Armor body of a Chronos safe is cable of defeating multiple .50 caliber anti-sniper rounds, a feat no other steel we've tested is capable of performing.

Attempts to penetrate this armor with carbide tipped drill bits also prove fruitless as the armor hardness is an even match to that of the bits.

The watch case body of each Chronos is constructed using a highly reinforced interlocking six-sided construction method. All wall, ceiling, and floor intersections are bound both inside and outside with high strength arc welds. This includes seamless welds that run along all outside seams creating a fully enclosed armor casing.
All five walls are comprised of solid ballistic plate armor.

     Four way bolt work with anti-drive

The Chronos safe features multiple two inch solid titanium locking bolts on all four sides of the safe door. No other safe in the world does this. When coupled with the extensively reinforced door jamb, the Chronos denies any attempt at leveraged entry.

All locking bolts are held fast by our proven and highly acclaimed dynamic anti-drive system that makes it unfeasible to force any bolt open through mechanical or hydraulic means.

     Flush door frame design with overbuilt spread resistant doorframe

The door frames on most safes, even high security designs, are normally vulnerable to prying and side drilling. Not the case with Chronos door frame as the safe receives aggressive reinforcement in this area. Every Chronos incorporates a box in frame design that carries quadruple the ballistic armor thickness at the door's frame.

In addition, the ballistic armor door interlocks within the door frame, creating a flush surface of solid ballistic steel that prevents the insertion of any pry bar or hydraulic leverage mechanism.
To top it off, a ballistic steel internal crossbeam positioned at a 45 degree deflective angle runs along the entire door bolt frame to repel all side door drill attack attempts.

     Glass plate relocking system

Chronos safes incorporate and advanced relocking system to detect and actively react to attacks. Any effort to punch, drill, torch, or in other ways maliciously access the safe lock instant triggers numerous relocking pins randomly located at key door bolt work positions.

With the relock system engaged, the safe is sealed tight to all means of entry and can only be reopened once each relocking pin has been located and removed, a near impossibility given a thief's limited time constraints.

Once relocker bolts have activated, the safe must be opened by a certified locksmith using blueprints supplied by Brown Safe specific to that safe. Without these detailed prints and instructions, it would take a seasoned safecracker days to gain access to the safe, ensuring the safety of the precious contents within.  

Click here for more info on the Chronos relocker system.

      UL approved high security Group 2 biometric lock

This high security commercial rated lock offers quick and convenient access with industry grade protection. Built by one of the most respected lock makers in the safe world, this high use lock is designed to provide a century’s worth of reliable operation.

Combination safes are always vulnerable to unauthorized entry as the entry code can be discovered by others. Loosing or forgetting a combination is another weakness to this traditional entry method.
Chronos safes provide a highly convenient solution to this vulnerability through the inclusion of fingerprint entry. With this ultra easy method of entry, the need for compromising combinations is eliminated as the safe opens only for the fingers of those that are directly registered.

To learn more about the Chronos biometric lock... click here.

     Chip carbide hard plate

This thick protective plate is positioned directly between the door and lock, adding an additional level of shielding to the safe's most vulnerable component.
Comprised of the same ultra dense material that is embedded in the tips of the drill bits used to attempt entry into safes, chip carbide hardplate is a safe crackers worst nightmare as it will dull and/or shatter countless drill bits that attempt to penetrate its thickened jagged surface.

     Double anchor locking bolt carriage design

The locking bolts responsible for securing the door are fastened at two distinct locations along each bolt. Each paired set of solid steel anchors is spaced wide apart for additional support. The carriage anchors are held fast directly to the plate steel door by seamless welds.
This robust method of bolt carriage reinforcement is rarely seen in the safe industry. The majority of safe companies hold their bolts using a single thin carriage anchor, making the safe extremely vulnerable to pry bar and leverage based attacks.

Click here for an example of a popular luxury safe that uses the vulnerable bolt carriage design.

     Ball and roller bearing hinges

To best accommodate the door mass, Chronos doors feature high load bearing ball and roller hinges. The result is an exceptionally fortified door with silky smooth operation.

      Four 5/8 inch floor anchor bolts

To best ensure a solid floor connection, all Chronos Safes are firmly anchored using four massive hardened floor bolts. During installation, these long bolts run through anchor holes in the safes steel floor plate securing the safe firmly to the wood or concrete floor.
When anchored to a concrete floor, the thief would have better luck attempting to uproot the entire concrete section around the safe rather than trying to pry the safe from its substantial purchase.
When anchored to a wood floors support beam, it would be necessary to remove the entire section of floor including the beam in order to dislodge the safe.
These are lengthy major operations that in most instances criminals have neither the time nor resources to perform.     

Inspired Details

The Chronos knows no limits in quality and attention to fit and finish. The precision with which it has been built is more like that of the fine watches is been created to house.

Nothing was overlooked when it comes to even the smallest of details. From the specially machined
conical fasteners used throughout the safe
to the polished hex bolts carefully
placed to reinforce visual balance.
Luxurious materials abound inside
and out. Brushed stainless steel
accents contrast with soft
ultrasuede that has been
meticulously hand stitched to
create an interior fitting of the
objects it protects. Stunning from
all angles, every aspect of the
Chronos is designed to please.



Select an exterior finished in a high quality 3 stage application process or an exterior completely wrapped in hand-layed carbon fiber.



Precision cut stainless steel adorns the interior of the Chronos. Surrounding the watch panel, timlock, door panel, and every drawer to create a visual balance that is both sleek and thoroughly modern.



To contrast the hard-edged stainless steel, a soft luxurious ultrasude was chosen and finished with hand stitched details.

Ultimate Usability

The Chronos takes full advantage of advanced biometric fingerprint reading technology to grant the owner instant access to their treasures with the swipe of a finger.

Providing military grade performance in an eye pleasing package,
our highly detailed luxury lock offers the ultimate in security and ease of use.

No compromising combinations to remember, simply touch and open.

The exterior housing of each Chronos lock is machined from a singular block
of aerospace grade aluminum fashioned exclusively for the Chronos line. This housing
provides increased outer lock protection while the top nested ergonomic position of
the fingerprint reader allows for effortless access. A subtle front opening door allows for
instant access to the lock's simple control panel.

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      Sargent & Greenleaf Biometric Keypad Lock Features
  • Hand machined ruggedized enclosure
  • Top-mounted fingerprint reader - Makes for easy and fast access to the reader.
  • Reliable Operation - Silicon-based capacitive technology provides superior security and reliability
  • LCD Display - Simplifies programming and operation of the sophisticated lock features.
  • Backlight feature - Makes the LCD highly readable, even in total darkness.
  • Multiple Users - Up to nine different fingerprints can be enrolled.
  • Easy Interface - Fingerprints can be quickly and easily enrolled or deleted from the keypad's database.
  • Customizable Security Levels - The keypad can be set up to operate on either a fingerprint or code, or it can be set up to require both a fingerprint and valid code.
  • Standard Batteries - Powered by (2) 9-volt batteries that are easily accessed via an externally accessed slide-out battery compartment.

Configured For Convenience

Advanced features like automatic watch winders, LED interior lighting, soft closing drawers and multiple drawer inserts for the organization of valuables make the Chronos a true pleasure to interact with.

The perfect counterpart to any watch collection.The Chronos features stunning watch panels housing Orbita programmable winders to keep automatic watches functioning flawlessly at all times.

Orbita® automatic watch winders are known for uncompromising quality and reliability.
Their winding technology is recognized and acknowledged by both watch
manufacturers and watch collectors all over the world. A sophisticated
microprocessor controls the watch winder cycles and a choice of
clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation or automatic reversing
when desired.

Easily organize all the important items you need to protect and add the benefit of convenient access to all your valuables when you require them most.

Select from 18 different custom drawer layouts designed to give the easy organization of all your treasured possessions. Drawer layouts include interiors customized specifically for storage of jewelry, cash, passports, pens, and more. Plus all inserts are removable and can be changed, so that the Chronos continues to fulfill your every need as your collections and requirements change.

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      Interior Drawer Layouts - Organize Jewelry Your Way
Drawer Layouts

Sophisticated Security

Advanced security measures and innovative features combine to create a watch safe made with some of the very same precision mechanisms used in the finely crafted timepieces it has been created to house and protect.

A modern mechanical masterpiece, the Chronos 3 Movement Timelock houses three fully redundant precision movements for maximum protection.

The 3 movement timelock allows the user the ultimate peace of mind by ensuring the safe is impervious not only to external attacks, but internal threats as well. The use of a timelock guarantees the safe will remain inaccessible for a user defined amount of time. Once active, the timelock bypasses and negates all fingerprint and combination entry attempts.

Each Chronos time lock is individually crafted in Switzerland specifically for the Chronos by one of the oldest and most prestigious timepiece makers in the industry...la Fabrique d'Horlogerie de Saint-Blaise.

The Multi-Sensor Alarm equips the Chronos safe with multiple sensors that relay alarm signals to the existing security or home automation system.


Use this feature to send a silent alert
to security personnel.


Allows the home automation system to monitor all safe entries. The alarm or home automation system can then use this information in a variety of ways. For example, the home automation system can notify the owner any time the safe is accessed, or raise an alert if the safe is opened while the owner is away from home.


This sensor provides verification that the safe door is not only closed, but locked as well.
The automation system can report when the door has been unlocked for an extended time.

Track the location of your safe any place on the globe with the integrated GPS Anti-Theft System.

The device is set to raise an alert the moment the safe is moved off premise.

Once alerted, the safe continually relays tracking information allowing the owner and authorities to pinpoint the safes exact position.

The GPS tracking software allows the safe to be tracked on a map anywhere in the world through any internet enabled cell phone or computer.

Revolutionary Defenses

The Chronos employs the latest advancements in fire and intrusion protection

Our exclusive composite material provides superior fire shielding while simultaneously providing an additional layer of dense burglar protection around the safe's armor plated core.

Until recent breakthroughs, amalgamate this hard would shatter when heated. This issue is nullified by the inclusion of Stealth Fibermesh® which forms minute channels for vaporizing moisture to escape.

The GPS tracking software allows the safe to be tracked on a map anywhere in the world through any internet enabled cell phone or computer.

Intumescent seals cover all points of entry. These seals expand when heated to keep fire and smoke out along with protecting the safes contents from water permeation as the fire is doused.


     Fireboard Panels are less effective

Very similar in composition to household drywall, these lightweight fire retardant panels, also known as firewall or fiberboard, are placed between the thin outer and inner walls of the safe to act as a heat barrier. While many of these panel types when stacked do prevent heat passage, excessive heat still passes through the steel support structure holding the panels and inner safe in place.
A common marketing trick used by many fire safe builders is to quote the fire rating of the fireboard the safe uses instead of the safes actual fire rating ...which is generally much much lower. Many of these safes are never actually tested in a fire.

Another major drawback to fireboard based safes is most fiberboard panels contain high levels of moisture. The moisture increases the level of fire protection during a fire but will create a constantly damp environment inside the safe, causing corrosion of metal belongings and wilting of paper based items.
Fireboard tends to loose it's fire resistance over time as the moisture continues to seep out.

During an actual fire, fireboard functions by releasing an excessive amount of moisture as it heats, expelling the built up heat as steam. But due to the thin, poorly constructed, and oftentimes nonexistent inner casing ...excessive expelled stem permeates into the safes interior, subjecting the contents to a heavy moisture environment until the safe is finally opened, usually days later. Oxidation and moisture damage to the safes contents is common.

     Support Beams transfer massive heat to interior

Support Beams and other foundation structuring in fireboard safes pass heat from the fire safes exterior right through to the safes interior, the biggest weakness to this type of fire safe.

Since fireboard itself is incapable of providing any form of support (or protection), fireboard based safes must reinforce the steel framework of the safe to support the safes weight. Safes that are designed to survive 2nd story drops have even more reinforcement. This reinforcement takes the form of thick steel supports that run roughly every foot connecting the inner and outer safe walls with the fireboard panels inserted between. Unfortunately, these same supports act as a direct heat conduit. During a fire, heat bypasses the fireboard through all exposed supports and rapidly moves into the safes interior, incinerating the safes contents in short order.

     Light Steel Casing provides no true burglary protection

Cost cutting safe builders will generally cover the safes exterior in the thinnest sheet metal casing possible in an effort to keep the safes already low fire rating from dropping further.
Why, because steel absorbs and transfers heat. The thicker the safes outer steel, the more heat it absorbs and in turn transfers to the safes interior through the above mentioned steel support beams. While this wily trick does help in reducing the amount of heat transfer, it also means the safe is left with virtually zero burglary protection.

To sum it up...Thin sheet metal outer shell, to a drywall insulation layer, to a thin sheet metal or wood interior equals a safe that can be pried open within minutes by an unskilled burglar equipped with an ordinary crowbar.

     Solid Steel Core provides true burglary protection

The Solid Steel Core of a composite cladded fire safe is an actual burglar safe, one built to any protection thickness rating desired. In harsh contrast, the core of a fireboard safe is comprised only of either thin sheet metal, wood, or sometimes the interior panels are attached directly to the fireboard... providing no true burglar protection.

     Dense Composite fire cladding is superior to
     fireboard and adds additional security

A Dense Composite Amalgamate is then poured around the entire steel core of the safe. The process is similar to that of poured concrete. Once hardened, 2 1/2" of solid composite material encases the entire safe, including a 2" solid filled amalgamate door. Not only is the composite material superior to fireboard at fire protection, the dense composition of this outer amalgamate cladding greatly adds to the safes already substantial burglary protection.

     Barrier Contacts minimize transfer of heat into
     the safe

Barrier Contacts are small spot welded positioning pins that temporarily hold the outer shell of the safe in place while the composite material is poured. Once hardened, the composite material directly supports the safes weight with no need for a steel foundation or support beams required by fireboard safes. Barrier contacts are the primary means outside heat gains entrance into the inner safe walls during a fire, so they are kept small enough to provide a negligible heat pathway.
In contrast, the foundation structure and numerous thick support beams that run between the inner and outer walls of a standard fireboard safe, present gaping contact pathways for fire heat to quickly flood from the exterior into the safes core.

     Nominal Steel Shell minimizes the amount of heat

The nominal steel shell of the composite safe is very thin to avoid heat building up on the safes exterior. This shell is kept thick enough to hold the composite material as it's being poured and no more. When contrasted with the thick heat collecting outer shell of a reinforced firewall safe, the shell of a composite safe produces negligible heat buildup.

As Individual As You Are

One of a kind features and personalized details combine to create a safe uniquely you.

Select either the round biometric lock enclosure with tri-spoke handle or customized long enclosure with integrated handle. Personalize the entry display and include monogrammed badging with your initials, logo, or a custom design to make the Chronos truly your own.

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