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MAN SAFE watch safes

For the Man that Has it All

We know you've worked hard to get what you have. Now is the time to make sure you keep it, and that your valuables are right where you intend them to be at all times.

The MAN SAFE by Brown Safe Manufacturing draws on the excellent engineering and craftsmanship gained from building high-security safes and vaults for the public and military for over 30 years, but with one big difference - This highly flexible safe for watches was fashioned from the ground up to accommodate and enrich the multi-faceted needs of the modern man.

Designed to make a great life even better.

The one safe for watches designed expressly to make the items you've worked hard to obtain easier to secure, access, and enjoy

Given Brown Safe's long standing reputation for building the highest security safes, The MAN SAFE presents a convenient and secure watch and jewelry storage solution for the discerning male.

Furnished with all the features for fine living.

The Man Safe satisfies more than security needs, this orbita watch winder safe offers the organization needed to streamline the life of a busy professional. Giving the modern man the convenience of accessing all their important items in one secure spot.


As the pace of life seems to constantly increase with every passing day, that which helps to optimize our lives becomes a welcome benefit.

The MAN SAFE reinvents what a safe can be, and more importantly, how you can make use of it.

The MAN SAFE is your hub – it's where you securely store daily necessities like car keys, wallet, and phone; as well as important items that aren't accessed daily but always need to be at the ready, like passports, precious metals, family heirlooms, and important documents.

By equipping the safe with cutting-edge features that streamline its use, coupled with the thoughtful inclusion of luxurious materials, the MAN SAFE functions as beautifully as it looks.

With the MAN SAFE you can choose between two simple-to-use
locks that give you instant access whenever it's needed most.

This U. L. Listed Group 2 High Security Lock offers reliable
convenience at your fingertips. Made by La Gard, one of the
most reputable lock makers in the industry. This industrial grade
lock has proven its worth over many years of both commercial
and residential service.

This luxury lock offers the ultimate in security and ease of use.
No compromising combinations to remember,
simply touch and open.

The fingerprint lock comes embedded in a highly ruggedized casing with matching handle. The biometric safe lock housing components are custom machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum exclusively for Brown Safe. This industrial grade casing provides increased outer lock protection while the top nested ergonomic position of the biometric fingerprint reader allows for effortless access.

The MAN SAFE features custom made watch panels housing Orbita watchwinders to display timepiece collections and keep fine watches functioning flawlessly at all times.

Orbita® automatic watch winders are known for uncompromising quality and reliability.
Their winding technology is recognized and acknowledged by both watch
manufacturers and watch collectors all over the world.


We know not all your watches have the same winding needs.
With Orbita Programmable watch winders, a sophisticated
microprocessor controls the watch winder cycles; and your
choice of clockwise, counter-clockwise rotation, or
automatic reversing when desired.

Set The Optimal Turns Per Day (TPD) For Individual Watches:

With pause intervals of 31, 25, 21, 15, and 12 minutes respectively. To determine the winding requirements of your particular watch, please visit the Orbita Database.

ROTORWIND WINDERS *Standard watch winder option:
This winder is designed to swing the watch, instead of rotating it, to mimic the natural action of the wrist. At either 8 or 12 minute intervals, Rotorwind modules make one single revolution which triggers a series of oscillations that gently swing the watch back and forth.



Dependable security is at the core of every safe produced by Brown Safe,
and the MAN SAFE draws on this rich heritage of engineering the best of the best.
The base level of protection offered in the MAN SAFE exceeds that of industry standards,
but some clients deserve the absolute ultimate in available security.

   See All The Security Features of the MAN SAFE
  • 1/2 inch solid steel door
  • 1/4 inch thick solid steel body construction
  • Flush door frame design with overbuilt spread resistant door frame
  • 1 inch laminated, interlocked & double-welded door jamb
  • U. L. approved high security Group 2 electronic push button lock
  • Ball bearing hard plate
  • Double anchor locking bolt carriage design
  • 1 inch thick hardened chrome locking bolts with anti-drive resistance
  • Five active and passive relocking devices
  • Four 5/8 inch base anchor holes

With the MAN SAFE Elite edition, protection and performance are taken to new heights.
This upgraded model receives additional high security features.

The body and door of this advanced model is made completely from military-grade ballistic armor plate. A material that far exceeds the penetration resistance of the toughest hardplates ever tested, at only a fraction of the thickness.

Typically a safe rivaling this level of security would require three times the amount of steel, the excessive weight of which often limits them to ground floor installations. By developing innovative construction techniques, coupled with advancements in technology, we have pioneered the ability to use ballistic armor to gain an exponential degree of security at a minimal increase in weight. The result of which is a high security safe with a protection level that exceeds the current U. L. rating system, and can be installed virtually anywhere you desire.

   See All The Security Features of the MAN SAFE Elite

This model has all the features of the standard MAN SAFE plus the following:

  • 1/2 inch Ballistic Armor door
  • 1/4 inch Ballistic Armor body construction
  • Glass plate relocking device
  • Chip carbide hard plate
  • Three way bolt work with anti-drive and stainless door cover

Ballistic Armor plate is by far the strongest material we've tested. Material so strong that firing multiple .50 caliber bullets directly into the MAN SAFE results in nothing more than removing the paint. Aside from the missing paint, the safe shows little to no visible indentation, a feat no other known safe is capable of achieving, and a testament to the incredible strength of these safes.

Glass Plate Relocker

With this advanced security feature a tempered glass plate is positioned between the lock and the safe door. Any attempt to penetrate the door to access the lock will shatter the sensitive glass panel and release numerous hardened re-locker pins positioned at key locations throughout the safe's bolt work. Once triggered, the pins prevent the safe from opening until every pin has been identified, drilled, and extracted... an insurmountable task given a thief's limiting time constraints.

Three-way Boltwork

Hardened 1" diameter locking bolts are added to both the upper and lower portion of the door to further strengthen its ability to resist attack. With three-way boltwork the MAN SAFE denies any attempt to wedge or pry the door open. These robust bolts also gain an improved dynamic anti-drive design that makes it unfeasible to force any bolt open through mechanical or hydraulic means.


Through a complete re-examination of construction methods
and materials we have developed an extraordinarily effective
means of shielding the contents within the safe from fire.

Once the safe has been built with the desired level of burglary
protection, it undergoes our proprietary fire cladding process.
The walls of the MAN SAFE are encased within 2 1/2 inches
of poured composite material comprised of a high pressure
concrete based mixture and the door of the safe receives
a 2 inch layer of composite material.

   What's Gained with Fire Protection?
  • The safe will keep contents below paper flash point (350° F, 177° C) for 1 1/2 hours at temperatures up to 1700°F (927° C).
  • High density composite material add increased burglary protection.
  • Ball and roller bearing hinges are added to better accommodate the added mass, resulting in an exceptionally fortified door with silky smooth operation.

Traditional construction methods and materials used to produce
"Fire Safes" have proven to be inefective at reducing the damage
to contents within a safe during a fire.

   Find Out Why
  • The majority of fire resistant safes on the market are built using a material very similar to household drywall panels to slow the transfer of heat. However, when heated the moisture in this material is released in the form of steam which creates a high temp pressure cooker that will wilt, oxidize, and destroy most valuables.
  • Since fireboard itself is incapable of providing any form of support (or protection), fireboard based safes must reinforce the steel framework of the safe to support the safes weight. Support Beams and other foundation structuring in fireboard safes pass heat from the fire safes exterior right through to the safes interior, incinerating the safes contents in short order.
  • Since steel absorbs and transfers heat, the safe's exterior is covered in the thinnest sheet metal casing possible in an effort to keep the safes already low fire rating from dropping further. While this trick does help in reducing the amount of heat transfer, it also means the safe is left with virtually zero burglary protection.
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