Standard Chronos Models


Pearl White & Stainless

The refined sculptural form of the Chronos is no more evident than in the Pearl White and Stainless finish.

Its iridescent sheen broadcasts a breathtaking radiance throughout any room, and the addition of brushed aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium further amplify its ethereal beauty. At once both classic and contemporary, this Chronos celebrates the purity of its form in a color containing all wavelengths of the visible spectrum. Its clean lines and all white exterior is fitting of the most modern environments with a simplicity and beauty that’s timeless.

Standard Configurations

Chronos 4218

Interior Dimensions: 42″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Interior Dimensions: 48.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1350 lbs.

4218 Spec Sheet

Chronos 6218

Interior dimensions: 62″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Interior dimensions: 68.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1750 lbs.

6218 Spec Sheet

* Fire and burglary protection ratings are consistent for both safe sizes, as is the selection of available features.