Luxury Safes

The Gem Series is the most popular line of luxury jewelry safes on the market today, and for good reason. Combining high-security jewelry safes with superior mechanical engineering and handcrafted jewelry chests, creating an organized secure solution for your jewelry.

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We know you've worked hard to get what you
have. Now is the time to make sure you keep it,
and that your valuables are right where you intend them to be at all times.

The MAN SAFE by Brown Safe Manufacturing draws on the excellent engineering and craftsmanship gained from building high-security safes and vaults for the public and military for over 30 years, but with one big difference - this safe is built for the multi-faceted needs of the modern man.

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In response to increasing requests for a more sizeable security solution, the Estate Series is our heavyweight lineup of luxury safe offerings.

Affording a wide range of size and protection levels and built from the ground up for flexibility, these monolithic luxury icons are bristling with features along with a wide selection of interior configurations.

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While the first encounter with a Chronos always leaves a lasting impression, awe-inspiring good looks are only the tip of the iceberg with this titanic tour de force. To fully treasure the scope of this safe's merits, one must dive far deeper…

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If you're looking for a robust vault door with extensive options, you've found it.

Brown Safe produces the only commercial-grade high-security vault doors on the market.

Attractive as they are strong, Brown Safe's highly refined and sturdy security doors are second to none.

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Old world craftsmanship and modern security combine to recreate a truly unique piece of American history worthy of the highest standards.

This vault door is a stunning example of the workmanship and ingenuity of yesteryear. It borrows its styling from the exact model that once protected the First National Bank Vault, and made famous by the notorious Dalton Gang.

Brown Safe has meticulously detailed this vault door to its historical accuracy, but with functionally synonymous with the Brown Safe name.

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Antique Vault Doors

Brown Safe is the premier provider of antique collector vault doors and other vintage security creations. Our long-standing ties to an extensive network of security institutions and banks allows us to locate these scarce and timeless legends, while our extensive experience constructing oversized vaults provides the skillset necessary to extricate and relocate these weighty monoliths to their new home.

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