• gem-jewelry-safeLuxury jewelry safe for rings and necklaces.
  • white-luxury-jewelry-safeWhite jewelry safe for securing watches and jewelry
  • gem-jewelry-safesLuxury jewelry safes keep valuables secure and organized.
  • jewelry-safe-organizedStoring heirlooms in jewelry safe.
  • luxury-jewelry-safejewely safe with room for other luxury items
  • large-jewelry-safeTall jewelry safe with plenty of drawers.
  • safe-for-jewelryblack safe for jewelry with hardwood interior
  • gem4018-jewelry-safeGem 4018 jewelry safe by Brown Safe
  • jewelry-safe-hermesLuxury jewelry safe.
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Security Never Looked So Good



The Gem Series is the most popular line of luxury jewelry safes for home on the market today, and for good reason. Combining a high-security jewelry safe with superior mechanical engineering and handcrafted jewelry chests, creating an organized secure solution for your jewelry.

Given Brown Safe's 35-year history as the leading US manufacturer of high-security jewelry safes, and our worldwide reputation for handcrafted quality, a Gem jewelry safe presents a convenient and secure jewelry storage solution for the discerning client seeking only the best of the best.

Interior FeaturesColors & FinishesLock TypeSecurity

Bringing you the beauty and luxurious features worthy of your jewelry collection.

Crafted from the finest materials & hand-built to exacting specifications.

The Gem Series offerings include multiple smartly designed interior features to store and protect all that you cherish most.

From hardwood jewelry drawers available in your choice of finish and a variety of sizes to fit your needs, to ultra-soft Ultrasuede lined interiors, automatic and efficient LED interior lighting, fingerprint entry, customized interiors, and more.

Jewelry drawers designed to fit your collection and your sense of style

Multiple interior configurations provide the perfect solution to conveniently storing your jewelry, and a wide variety of hardwood types are available to match your personal tastes.

Select from 18 interior drawer layouts thoughtfully designed for convenient storage of specific jewelry pieces, keeping your jewelry safe and secure.

Your jewelry will be organized and ready to wear whenever the moment arises.

See the complete list of
available jewelry drawer
inserts HERE

Necklace Rack in matching hardwood
Necklace Rack in matching hardwood

Innovative features ensure your Gem Jewelry Safe is both efficient and an asset to your lifestyle.

Conveniently nestled alongside the jewelry safe's bolt housing, this luxurious necklace rack accents the existing hardwood while making ideal use of free space.

For this option an elegant mirror is securely attached to the interior of the jewelry safe's door, conveniently providing instant feedback while trying on your jewelry collection.

Produced by Hera for years of trouble-free illumination, these low profile lights cast a soft neutral illumination throughout the jewelry safe interior, enhancing the natural beauty of the hardwood drawers and trim while establishing a vibrant luster for the jewels within.



All Gem Jewelry Safes can be fitted with watchwinders so your mechanical watches can be kept secure and ready to wear at a moment's notice.

Orbita® automatic watch winders are known for uncompromising quality and reliability. Their winding technology is recognized and acknowledged by both watch manufacturers and watch collectors all over the world.

Colors & Finishes

  • white
  • tan
  • dove-gray
  • forest-green
  • chocolate-brown
  • coach-black

No other jewelry safe delivers the vast array of standard paint finishes, wood types, Ultrasuede colors, and hardware options.

Mix and match finish options to create a jewelry safe that is all your own.

Design your Gem Jewelry Safe

Designed to match your lifestyle
.....and your décor.

Exterior Finish

All Gem Luxury Jewelry Safes undergo a multi-stage paint process to give the most refined exterior finish available, resulting in a hardened paint finish which is then polished to a high gloss.

Need a Custom Paint Finish?
Our in-house painting specialists can also color match.
Simply provide a sample, and we'll match the jewelry safe.

Visit our Gem Image Gallery to see samples of our standard Gem Series jewelry safe colors.

Hardware Finish

Choose either a warm brass finish, a cool muted finish of brushed stainless, or a deep lustrous finish of oil rubbed bronze.

Design your Gem Jewelry Safe

Interior Fabric
The interior walls, shelving, and drawers of every jewelry safe are lined in lush black velvet, or you can choose to upgrade to ivory velvet or the popular Ultrasuede® options of black and sand to enhance your safe's appearance. We also offer a variety of other custom color options and patterns for those who desire an even greater degree of individuality.

Hardwood Interior
The jewelry drawers, necklace rack, and interior trim in all Gem Luxury Jewelry Safes are custom-built using our hand-selected stock of hardwoods.

Choose from eight of our premium hardwood types to adorn the interior of your luxury jewelry safe, or if you have a different look in mind we can accommodate custom wood finishes and procure additional material types.

We can also fabricate jewelry drawers from client-supplied wood stock.

Design your Gem Jewelry Safe

Lock Type

Convenience is a key component to a luxury jewelry safe, and the Gem Series has been designed to incorporate all of the necessary features one would want to securely organize their valuables while maintaining ease of use - including a simple secure means of gaining entrance.

Three lock types are available with the Gem Series jewelry safes, so the user experience can be further tailored to your individual needs

Peace of mind is finally
right at your fingertips


The keypad is our most popular jewelry safe lock due to its simplicity and ease of use. This industrial grade lock comes from La Gard, one of the most reputable lock makers in the industry. The model we use has proven its worth over many years of both commercial and residential service.


This luxury lock offers the ultimate in security and ease of use.

No compromising combinations to remember, simply touch and open.

The fingerprint lock comes embedded in a highly ruggedized casing with matching handle. The biometric safe lock housing components are custom machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum exclusively for Brown Safe. This industrial-grade casing provides increased outer lock protection while the top-nested ergonomic position of the biometric fingerprint reader allows for effortless access to your jewelry safe.


The ideal lock for the traditionalist. Its beauty is only surpassed by its simplicity.

Untouched by time, this dial will turn with the same effortless fluidity in one hundred years.

Also, available in a key-locking-model which places a keyhole at the center of the dial and gives the user the option of locking out the dial. Once locked out, the dial will not function until the key is reinserted.

Security & Protection

The Gem Line of luxury jewelry safes offers the most advanced materials and methods of construction to bring the superior protection only a Brown Safe can deliver.

Available in 4 protection levels, and with or without fire protection in each, a Gem Safe provides the perfect security for your demands.

Truly dependable protection
tailored to your needs.


At Brown Safe, protection has been, is, and always will be our number one priority. Our dedication to this core value has earned Brown Safe an industry-wide reputation for secure safes. If you haven't browsed the "Protection Levels" pages within the "Safe Buying Guide" section, we highly suggest you do.

Our starting Gem Jewelry Safe models come with a half-inch-thick solid steel door, a quarter-inch-thick solid steel body, in addition to 2 ½ inches of composite fire protection. The top-rated safes by the majority of safe builders don't offer this much protection.

We also offer a "Featherweight" version of each jewelry safe model for our clients that don't want fire protection and would prefer the same high-security jewelry safe without the weight.

Select a jewelry safe model below to learn more about specific protection levels offered with each.

miniGEMGEM 2418GEM 4018GEM 6018

Begin designing the perfect jewelry safe for your needs.

miniGEMGEM 2418GEM 4018GEM 6018
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