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Below you’ll find helpful how-to videos and other resources to learn more about using your Brown Safe product.

Safe & Vault Door User Manual

Comprehensive user guide with product information for all safes and vault doors.

View the Manual >

Lock Instructions

Please select your lock type below.

Electronic Push-Button Lock

La Gard ComboGard Series

View Instruction PDF >

Changing The Combination

Changing The Batteries

Lock Troubleshooting FAQ

Biometric Lock

For safes and vaults built AFTER 2014

View Operating Instructions >

Using Lock for the First Time

Changing Entry Method

Changing The Batteries

Grant Access to Unregistered Users

Re-Enrolling Fingerprints

Managing Users

Fingerprint Reading & Enrolling Tips

Dial Lock

La Gard 3330 Series 3 wheel group 2 lock

View Instruction PDF >

How To Operate Dial Lock

Electronic Lock with Redundant Dial Lock

View Instruction PDF >

Wall Safe Electronic Lock

La Gard low profile ComboGard Series

Quick Setup Guide >

Electronic Lock – Pre 2005

La Gard Basic Series

For safes and vaults built BEFORE 2005

Note: Wall safes use another lock type. See below

View Instruction PDF >

Biometric Lock– Pre 2014

For safes and vaults built BEFORE 2014

Quick Setup Guide >

Vault Door Instructions

Setup and Use of Inner Escape Device

How to use the Panic Slide Latch

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Coronavirus Update:

Brown Safe is operational at this time, but we are closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and taking every precaution to safeguard our clients and employees.

Demand for safes and vault doors continues to increase during these uncertain times, and we are doing what we can to fulfill orders while supporting the health of all. Until further notice our showroom is closed, but the website remains open for new orders and our sales representatives are available to help at (760) 233-2293.