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Below you’ll find helpful how-to videos and other resources to learn more about using your Brown Safe product.

Safe & Vault Door User Manual

Comprehensive user guide with product information for all safes and vault doors.

View the Manual >

Lock Instructions

Please select your lock type below.

Electronic Push-Button Lock

La Gard ComboGard Series

View Instruction PDF >

Changing The Combination

Changing The Batteries

Lock Troubleshooting FAQ

Biometric Lock

For safes and vaults built AFTER 2014

View Operating Instructions >

Using Lock for the First Time

Changing Entry Method

Changing The Batteries

Grant Access to Unregistered Users

Re-Enrolling Fingerprints

Managing Users

Fingerprint Reading & Enrolling Tips

Dial Lock

La Gard 3330 Series 3 wheel group 2 lock

View Instruction PDF >

How To Operate Dial Lock

Electronic Lock with Redundant Dial Lock

View Instruction PDF >

Wall Safe Electronic Lock

La Gard low profile ComboGard Series

Quick Setup Guide >

Electronic Lock – Pre 2005

La Gard Basic Series

For safes and vaults built BEFORE 2005

Note: Wall safes use another lock type. See below

View Instruction PDF >

Biometric Lock– Pre 2014

For safes and vaults built BEFORE 2014

Quick Setup Guide >

Vault Door Instructions

Setup and Use of Inner Escape Device

How to use the Panic Slide Latch

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