• Watch-safe-with-window-01
  • Watch-safe-with-window-02Luxury display safe for watches.
  • Watch-safe-with-window-03large watch safe with ballistic armor glass
  • Watch-safe-with-window-04Display safe for watches.
  • Watch-safe-with-window-05Luxury watch safe with display window.
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MAN SAFE with Watch Window

High-Security Display Safes for Fine Timepieces.

The Man Safe line of luxury watch safes are a top choice for protecting priceless watch collections. Now collectors of fine timepieces can display their watches at all times while maintaining the highest degree of protection with the ballistic window versions of the Man Safe.

The watch display windows are currently available in both the Man Safe 4018 and 6018 models. Each safe is custom built to suit the owner's needs and configured to their personal watch collection.

Client's work directly with Brown Safe designers to create a watch safe like no other.

Call today to begin designing your Watch Window Man Safe.

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