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Top Rated security products for the medical marijuana and cannabis industry

Whether you are a grower, processing facility, or dispensary, Brown Safe Manufacturing has a proven security solution to keep your inventory and cash protected.

Brown Safe Manufacturing has been working with the government, renowned institutions, and both the commercial and private sector all over the world for 35+ years. When we say that we can create a cannabis safe or medical marijuana security solution that works for you; we mean it.

Brown Safe currently manufactures to governmental GSA standards, as well as exceeding standards set by the DEA for schedule 1 pharmaceuticals set forth in DEA CFR 1301.72

Cannabis & Cash Protection Products

Vault Door Medical Marijuana


Suitable for growers and large scale medical marijuana manufacturing facilities, a vault provides for unlimited interior storage. Whether your space is 100 or 100,000 sq/ft  you will enjoy the same level of security as military armories all over the world with a Brown Safe vault door.

Our vault doors can be fitted with biometric fingerprint-reading locks, as well as time lock devices to control access to certain employees and times of the day.

Whether you need a door to secure inventory storage, or to create a secure entrance for personnel, Brown has a number of vault door and day gate options to suit any need.

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A Brown Safe TL-15 or TL-30 cannabis safe can be installed in most locations and provides world class protection for your cash and inventory.

By far the most used and versatile option for cannabis security is the UL rated safe. Not only do these recognized security ratings ensure your medical marijuana and cannabis products remain protected, but they also meet the majority of insurance standards. 

We make double door models which allow segregation of high and low security items. This way low security clearance users can be restricted to only one side, and higher clearance employees to both. Add commercial-grade biometric fingerprint entry locks with multiple operator modes and you can easily control who has access to your safe.

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Vault Door Medical Marijuana
Floor safe with hidden compartment

Floor Safes and Hidden Compartments

Maintaining secrecy and security is an extremely important part of a cannabis company’s overall security strategy. Due to the cash nature of the marijuana industry it is critical to consider where and how to secure it.

Brown Safe has a number of options for creating “Safe within a safe” solutions. These are especially effective during a scenario where a user is forced to open a safe against their consent. The use of false walls and hidden compartments within a safe creates the ability for the main safe to be relinquished while the secondary storage remains secure and out of sight.

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