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Burglary Protection Levels

Protection means steel.

At Brown Safe, protection has been, is, and always will be our number one priority. Our dedication to this core value has earned Brown Safe an industry wide reputation for secure safes.
If you haven't browsed the "Protection Levels" pages within the "Safe Buying Guide" section, we highly suggest you do, as insufficient safe protection is the number one issue that is currently plaguing the safe industry.
Most of the core buying principles of safe selection also apply to vaults.
Also, many of the safe makers building ineffectual safes also sell ineffectual vaults. We suggest you check out the Competitor Comparison page to learn which safe companies consistently produce inferior or superior products.

Our starting vault models come with a half inch thick solid steel door. Most vault builders don’t offer this much protection in even their highest rated models. We offer two higher protection ratings beyond that of our starting models.
In addition to steel thickness, all our vault doors come standard with a robust set of maximum security features that guarantees our vault doors stand in a class all their own.

Each box below describes the protection features included with each protection level we offer. Higher protection levels include all features from the previous level in addition to those listed.

Optional protection features are also listed below.
As we are the direct builder, we can also provide custom safe protection levels above those listed here... call us anytime as we're always happy to discuss a safe to fit your needs.

     95% of home safes won’t protect your valuables and criminals know it…Click here to learn more.

While many builders claim the minimal protection their safes offer, coupled with the safes daunting appearance are sufficient enough barriers to ward off most criminals, we strongly disagree.

In truth, the majority of safe manufactures have been cutting corners for years now in an effort to battle the waves of imposter “safes” imported from overseas. Until recently, the daunting looks of an impressive safe were enough to cause criminals to look elsewhere for an easier opportunity.

But this is no longer the case, with the internet and the popularity of public video sites like YouTube, this hidden truth about today’s safes is now common knowledge within the criminal element. A few simple keystrokes is all it takes to view accurate videos of top brand safes being defeated within minutes by simple hammers and crowbars.
The shoddy building techniques frugal safe builders have resorted to for years are finally being revealed to the masses, which in turn is spawning a renewed wave of burglary efforts by criminals everywhere. As the known weakness of these safes spreads, millions of safe owners fall under ever increasing risk.
Need proof? Try typing “safe cracking” or "security on sale" into YouTube and see what comes up.

The growth of the internet and streaming video coupled with recent advances in modern tool production methods also means common criminals are now gaining access to safe cracking tools once reserved for the safe cracking elite, along with the knowledge to use them.

In trying times like these, do you really want to entrust the storage of your most valuable treasures to a “safe” that can literally be pried open within minutes by nothing more than a hammer and crowbar?

To learn more about a safes protection levels, click here.

B Rated Protection Level - Features

      1/2 inch solid steel door

It starts with steel.
A vault's door is usually its weakest point of entry and is vulnerable to prying, cutting, and drilling. We negate this weakness with a half inch of solid plate steel.
This steel thickness increases with each protection rating.

To learn more about protection ratings and the need for a solid steel door...click here
     Six sided Ballistic Armor lock casing

To ensure maximum lock protection from all penetration based attacks, we completely encase the vaults inner lock with our highest rated penetration resistant ballistic armor plating. Capable of deflecting a direct hit from a 50 caliber bullet, this armor outperforms all known metals in penetration protection.

To learn more about our ballistic armor... click here.

     Flush door frame design with interlocking spread resistant door flange

Our vault door and it's frame incorporate a highly overbuilt interlocking design where each anchor point acts as a redundant interlocked anchor for additional anchor points. The resulting assembly allows for flexibility during installation with unyielding rigidity once the door is locked in place.

The solid welded overlapping steel flanges on both sides of the door's frame firmly binds the door within it's opening while completely sealing out any perimeter vulnerability.

In addition, the solid steel reinforced door interlocks within the door frame, creating a flush surface of solid backed steel that prevents the insertion of any pry bar or hydraulic leverage mechanism.

      1 inch laminated, interlocked & double-welded door jamb

A solid steel tongue runs the entire length of the inner door parallel to the hinge. It locks in securely behind the door frame when the door is fully shut interlocking the door and frame tightly together. Once closed and engaged, this jamb coupled with the flush frame design and hardened locking bolts creates a door capable of withstanding extreme forms of attack for extended periods of time. With the inner  jamb in place, any effort spent cutting the doors exterior hinges wastes valuable time for the criminal while gaining them nothing. 

      *U. L. approved high security Group 2 lock

This commercial rated lock offers consistent access with industrial grade protection. Built by one of the most respected lock makers in the safe world (Sargent & Greenleaf), this is a high use lock designed to provide a century’s worth of reliable operation by jewelers and security personnel. This time tested design means ultimate home reliability for you.

      Chip carbide hard plate

This large hard plate rests between the door and the lock creating an additional barrier against penetration attacks. The plates is comprised of a thick, dense, and costly carbide material, the same ultra dense material that is embedded in the tips of high grade drill bits used to attempt entry into safes, chip carbide hardplate is a safe crackers worst nightmare as it will dull and/or shatter countless drill bits that attempt to penetrate its hardened jagged surface.

     Double anchor locking bolt carriage design

The locking bolts responsible for securing the door are fastened at two distinct locations along each bolt. Each paired set of solid steel anchors is spaced wide apart for additional support. The carriage anchors are held fast directly to the plate steel door by seamless welds.
This robust method of bolt carriage reinforcement is rarely seen in the safe industry. The majority of safe companies hold their bolts using a single thin carriage anchor, making the safe extremely vulnerable to pry bar and leverage based attacks. Click here for an example of this vulnerable bolt carriage design.

     1 inch thick hardened chrome locking bolts with anti-drive resistance

A solid door requires solid bolt work, and our bolts deliver. Each case hardened locking bolt runs directly through the carriage anchors.
While the locking bolts on most safes terminate just inside the door, each Brown Safe bolt runs over half the length of the door passing directly through the wide set bolt carriage anchors.  
While in the locked position, each bolt is equipped with a passive anti-drive mechanism that blocks any attempts to mechanically force the bolt back through the use of wedges, taps, drills, and hammers.  

Click here to learn about an unscrupulous "Large locking bolt" gimmick commonly employed by many major safe manufacturers to create the false impression of a robust safe.

      Five active and passive relocking devices

Hardened relocking bolts positioned at key locations throughout the safe act as an end all failsafe against intrusion. If an attempt is made to penetrate the lock, all relocker bolts instantly engage permanently pinning the door and its main bolts solidly in place and making it a near impossibility to get the door open within any reasonable remaining time the criminal may have.
Once relocker bolts have activated, the vault door must be opened by a certified locksmith using blueprints supplied by Brown Safe specific to that door. Without these detailed prints and instructions, it takes numerous hours to gain access to the safe, ensuring the safety of the precious contents within.    

     Ball and roller bearing hinges

To best accommodate the mass of our vault doors, all doors come standard with high load bearing ball and roller hinges. The result is an exceptionally fortified door with silky smooth operation.  


E Rated Protection Level

The E rated (TL-15) vault doors weigh in with a massive steel thickness of 1 1/2". This is triple the steel thickness over the base rating and accounts for the TL-15 protection rating.


S Rated Protection Level

This is the highest standard protection rating we offer for a vault door.

S rated vault doors combine a 1/2" of ballistic armor along with a 1/4" of copper layered between a piece of 1/4" ballistic armor, bringing the door's total thickness to 1". While only 1" thick, the extreme strength of the ballistic armor provides far more protection than standard steel three times thicker. The addition of a second layer provides a substantial increase in protection from penetration attacks, functioning as a hardplate for the entire door.

To learn more about the capabilities of this highly potent armor, click here.

In addition to the superior strength of the ballistic armor layers, S rated safes gain significant resistance to torch and thermic lance attacks by the inclusion of a 1/4" layer of solid copper. The highly conductive nature of copper rapidly dissipates the heat generated by torch based attacks, negating that means of entry.


Additional Protection Level Ratings

We do offer additional non-standard protection levels above and beyond those shown here.
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Optional Protection Features

     Three way bolt work with anti-drive
Both upper and lower bolts are added to the door to further strengthen the doors ability to deny all attempts to wedge and pry the door open. All bolts also gain an improved dynamic anti-drive design that makes it unfeasible to force any bolt open through mechanical or hydraulic means.
     Silent Signal Alert
Triggered by either a hidden button, or an alternate unlock entry code, safes equipped with the silent signal alert feature interface directly with your alarm or home automation system. With silent signal in place, if the user is ever in a situation where the safe owner or operator is forced to open the safe against his or her will, the safe opens normally while at the same time an undetectable alert is sent to the homes monitoring system which in turn relays a message to the authorities or other security personnel, letting them know a holdup is currently taking place.
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