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Estate Series 7256 Dimensions:

Interior Dimensions: 72" Ht. x 56" W. x 26" D.
*Min. Exterior Dimensions: 73" Ht. x 57" W. x 31.5" D.

Priced From $20,631 - $37,220

*varies based on protection level

The Estate Series 7256 executive safe offers an interior available space of 72 in. high by 56 in. wide.

The Estate 7256 is our largest executive safe. With an interior available space of 72 in. high by 56 in. wide, this safe provides the utomost in security and space for all of your cherished valuables.

Interior Layout


Standard Interior Configuration

safe 7256 standard

Exterior Design

Pure White
Antique White
Sierra Tan
Regal Red
Windsor Blue
Espresso Brown
Coach Black

Exterior Color Selection
All Estate Series Safes undergo a multi-stage paint process to give the most refined exterior finish available, resulting in a hardened paint finish which is then polished to a high gloss.

The above color selections are a sampling of our standard available colors.

Custom Paint and Finish
Our In-House paint shop specializes in color matching to multi-stage paints. Simply provide a sample, and we'll match the safe.

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Brushed Stainless
Brushed Brass
Oil Rubbed Bronze

Estate Series safes offer three metal finish choices for your safe's exterior lock and handle. Choose either a warm brass finish, a cool muted finish of brushed stainless, or a deep lustrous finish of oil-rubbed bronze.

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Dial Lock
Electronic Lock
Biometric Lock - with integrated handle

Three available lock types allow you to tailor your preferred method of access to your valuables.

Dial Lock: Beauty and simplicity combine to create an entry method for the traditionalist.

Electronic Lock: The standard lock which adorns the majority of Estate Series Safes due to its simplicity and ease of use.

Biometric Lock: This upgraded high-security lock allows the user to gain access by reading their unique fingerprint.

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Interior Design

Curly Maple
Birdseye Maple
Honduran Mahagony
Mappa Burl

The interior drawers, Gun Rack, and Interior Trim in the Estate Series Safes are custom-built from our hand-selected stock of hardwoods.

Additional custom wood finishes and species are available upon request. We can also fabricate drawers from client-supplied wood stock.

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Black Velvet
Ivory Velvet
Black Ultrasued
Sand Ultrasuede

The interior walls, shelving, and drawer linings of every Estate Series feature a your choice of lush velvet fabrics in black, or ivory, or you can choose to upgrade to the luxuriously soft Ultrasuede® interior in either black, sand, or a host of custom color options.

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We offer a varied assortment of drawer pulls available in a variety of finishes. Choose from the selections above.

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Interchangeable Drawer Inserts

We offer 19 interior drawer layout options so that you can organize your jewelry your way.

Plus, all inserts are interchangeable so you can swap interiors from drawer to drawer and easily change inserts as your collection grows.

See all the custom drawer inserts HERE

draw inserts - click here

Protection Levels

The first line of defense for any security safe's construction is it's door and walls. One substantially thick steel door and five thick steel walls are the only fundamental means of preventing a determined criminal from gaining entrance. Wall and Door thickness cuts to the core of a high security safe's construction and core ability to protect. This should always be your number one concern when deciding on any safe.

  • Estate
  • Estate Plus
  • Estate Ultra
  • Estate Elite

Fire Protection

  • Increases protection level to TL-15.
  • Up to 90 minutes of protection of your valuables at 1700 degrees.
  • Added security from burglary.
  • *Note: Increases outside dimensions and weight. See 7256 Specs page for info.

Estate Protection - Key Features

  • 1/2 inch solid steel door.
  • 1/4 inch solid steel body construction.
  • Flush door frame design with overbuilt spread resistant doorframe.
  • 1 inch laminated, interlocked & double-welded door jamb.
  • U.L. approved high security Group 2 lock.
  • Ball Bearing Hardplate.
  • Double anchor locking bolt carriage design.
  • 1 inch thick hardened chrome locking bolts with anti-drive resistance.
  • 5 active & passive relocking devices.
  • 4 - 5/8 inch base anchor holes.

Learn more about protection details

Estate Dimensions

Interior: 72" H. x 56" W. x 26" D.
Exterior: 73" H. x 57" W. x 31.5" D.
Weight: 2,074 lbs.

Full Specifications

Overall Protection Strength - classb

Luxury Options

Door Mounted Necklace Rack

Door Mounted Necklace Rack + $475
*per door

Learn more

Door Mounted Necklace Rack

Door Mounted Necklace Rack

This solid hardwood jewelry rack is an elegant and functional addition to any jewelry safe and is our most popular upgrade.

Conveniently nestled alongside the door's bolt housing, this luxurious necklace rack accents the existing hardwood while making ideal use of free space.

+ $475 per door

Door Mounted Interior Mirror

Door Mounted Interior Mirror
+ $475
*per door

Learn more

Door Mounted Interior Mirror

Estate 7256 Door Mounted Mirror

For this option an elegant mirror is securely attached to the interior of the safe's door,
conveniently providing instant feedback while trying on your jewelry collection.

This upgrade can be fitted to each size in our line of Estate luxury jewelry safe.

+ $475 per door

Watch Winders

Watch Winders
+ $500 each
*call for total

Learn more

Watch Winders

Orbita® Watch Winders

Adding watch winders to a Estate Series safe will provide you with the convenience of keeping all of your automatic watches wound and ready for use.

The watch winder option is available in two configurations, either as a watch winder panel mounted above the jewelry chest or by combing a 2" and 3" drawer to create a 5" watch winder drawer.

+ $500.00 per Watch Winder

Watch Winder Panel:

  • Our most popular watch winder option.
  • Displays watches on an elegant panel for easy access when opening the safe.
  • Configured with four watch winders per row.
  • Available with any desired drawer configuration.

Watch Winder Drawer

  • Our discreet storage option with watches tucked away in a 5" drawer.
  • When Orbita winders are selected, a 2" and a 3" drawer will be combined to create a 5" deep drawer to accommodate the watch winders.
  • Up to six Orbita winders will fit in one 5" drawer with 135 degree door clearance.
  • Up to four Orbita winders will fit in one 5" drawer with 90 degree door clearance.
3 Spoke Handle

3 Spoke Handle
+ $700

Learn more

3 Spoke Handle

Three Spoke Handle

This exclusive upgrade is pleasing to both arms and eyes. The extra long spoke knobs allow for effortless door operation from any position.

Each handle is precisely machined and meticulously assembled by hand to our exacting specifications. To ensure a perfectly consistent finish, the handle and its paired lock undergo the plating and polishing process together.

Offered in Stainless, Brass, or Oil Rubbed Bronze.

+ $700

Additional Options

Door Swing

Estate Safes are available with either 90° or 135° door clearance for those interior configurations that include full-width drawers. When space is limited or when the safe is located in such a way that the door can't open a full 135° to fully extend the jewelry drawers, then a 90° door configuration should be selected. The 90° door swing option reduces drawer width so they can be fully extended when the door is open to a minimum of 90°.

*Note: Both door swing options still allow the door to open as far as space will permit up to 180°.

90 door swing
135 door swing

Security Options

Glass Plate Relocker

Glass Plate
+ $395
per door

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Door Mounted Necklace Rack

Glass Plate Relocker

This advanced upgrade to the existing safe's relocking system increases the safes ability to identify
and respond to lock infiltration attempts.

The system is based on a tempered glass plate positioned between the lock and the safe door.
Any attempt to penetrate the door to access the lock will shatter the sensitive glass panel.
Multiple cables run from the glass panel to numerous hardened re-locker pins positioned at key
locations throughout the safes bolt work. These spring loaded pins instantly activate at the exact
moment the glass pane fractures. Once triggered, the pins prevent the safe from opening until
every pin has been identified, drilled, and extracted... an insurmountable task given a thief's
limiting time constraints.

+ $395 per door

Silent Signal Alert

Silent Signal
+ $395
per door

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Silent Signal Alert

Silent Signal Alert

Triggered by either a hidden button or an alternate unlock entry code, safes equipped with the
silent signal alert feature interface directly with your alarm or home automation system.

With the silent signal feature in place, if the unfortunate situation ever arises where the safe owner is
forced to open the safe against their will, the safe can be unlocked in a normal manner while an
undetectable alert is secretly sent to the homes monitoring system which in turn relays a message to
security authorities, immediately alerting them to the holdup situation.

+ $395 per door

Bolt Lock Indicator

Bolt Lock
+ $395
per door

Learn more

Bolt Lock Indicator

Bolt Lock Indicator

This advanced security upgrade interfaces directly with your home automation or security system to monitor all safe entries.

The alarm or home automation system can then use this information in a variety of ways. For example, the home automation system can notify the owner any time the safe is accessed, or raise an alert if the safe is opened while the owner is away from home.

In addition, the Bolt Lock Indicator sensor provides verification that the safe door is not only closed, but locked as well, and can send a report via the home automation system when the door has been unlocked for an extended time.

+ $395 per door

Multi Sensor Alarm

Multi Sensor
+ $695
per door

Learn more

Multi Sensor Alarm

Multi Sensor Alarm

The Multi Sensor Alarm combines both the Silent Signal Alert and Bolt Lock Indicator advanced security upgrades.

Silent Signal Alert:
Triggered by either a hidden button or an alternate unlock entry code, safes equipped with this feature interface directly with your alarm or home automation system to send a silent alert to security personnel.

Bolt Lock Indicator:
This sensor provides verification that the safe door is not only closed, but locked as well. It can send a report via the home automation system when the door has been unlocked for an extended time.

+ $695 per door

Call a Brown Safe designer at (760) 233-2293 to order your Estate Series Safe

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