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Brown Safe Press Release


Vista, CA - March 27, 2014


VISTA, CALIF. — According to 2014 affluence research, two growing trends among high net worth individuals are passion investing and high-end travel. The former is a term describing investment in objects of desire – jewelry, fine art, timepieces, and wine. Each year during summer travel season, Brown Safe is the company collectors use to protect passion investments while abroad.

“Every summer, we see instances of asset theft rise amongst wealthy individuals. People look to us to keep these investments safe and secure,” comments Brown Safe Manufacturing President Lynel Berryhill. “While whatever that is varies, our job remains the same: to give our clients peace of mind.”

Summer is a time of travel. According to data from 2014 LuxuryLink, 55% of those surveyed will be traveling twice this year to international destinations. Luxury travelers use summer as their travel time because children are out of school. These extended trips offer excellent opportunities for theft. Brown Safe Manufacturing encourages travelers to take the time to make sure valuables are secure before departing.

According to the Coutts Index, classic jewelry and watch sales have risen in volume 146% and 176% respectively within just the past few years. Having a secure safe, a place to protect and display these brilliant collections is critical. Brown Safe Manufacturing specializes in engineering watch and jewelry safes designed to do just that. Wine and art enthusiasts can also rest assured that Brown has high-security solutions to protect these precious collections too. 

According to the Department of Justice, the highest percentages of burglaries occur during the summer months, especially July and August. A home burglary occurs every 13 seconds, with over 5,400 burglaries a day (over 2 million per annum) accounting for staggering losses of $15.7 billion per year. Even more alarming, the first room cased is the master bedroom. Thieves know where jewels and collectibles are most often kept.

To counteract this, Brown Safe Manufacturing engineers the most secure residential safes and vaults in the world. For more than thirty years, the American company has guarded a dizzying array of precious objects. The BrownGem Series is the most popular line of high security jewelry safes currently available on the market. Alternatively, the more compact Mini Gem offers a jewelry safe solution for securely storing favorite pieces in more accessible locations.

For timepiece collectors, the Brown Chronos watch safe series is a necessity. With thirty-five years of experience developing high security military safes used in high-risk locations, there is no more secure solution available to watch collectors on the civilian market. Each Brown Safe is a unique result of the specific tastes and security needs of its recipient. While no two safes are ever alike, every Brown safe offers the best in security and convenience.

“Summer travel is an amazing opportunity for collectors and families alike to expand their horizons,” adds Berryhill. “Brown Safe protects their valuables while they are away, and we never take a summer vacation.”


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