Premium Protection Vault Doors

If you're looking for robust vault doors with extensive options, you've found it.
Brown Safe produces the only commercial grade high security vault doors on the market.
Attractive as they are strong, Brown Safe’s highly refined and sturdy security doors are second to none.

Each of our doors is specifically designed to withstand heavy use while providing the highest degree of defense available. Installing one of our well-built doors affords years of assurance in safeguarding your treasured valuables.

If you're in the market for an exceedingly robust door, we offer three stock protection ratings and can custom build a door to any desired specification. The highest rating incorporates military grade ballistic plate armor, the hardest plating we've ever tested. This advanced material exhibits penetration resistance equaling that of carbide tipped drill bits, which have little to no success in piercing its surface. Brown Safe is the only manufacturer utilizing this nearly impenetrable component to create the strongest doors available.

If you are looking for a fortified but stylish door, our stainless package or our antique vault doors will definitely be to your liking. In addition to these beautiful packages we also offer multi-coat high gloss finishes available in six standard colors, as well as custom colors to match your existing décor.

Our Estate models are available in a wide range of protection levels and offer a variety of high end features and options that are sure to please.

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Brown Safe is the top choice for security conscious home owners and those seeking the most reliable solution to protecting their family and valuables. We are the only manufacturer to produce high security vault doors for both government and military applications, as well as for public use.