Estate Vault Doors - Custom Vaults and Vault Doors

Have it your way.
Own a custom Vault Door built to our exacting Brown Safe standards.
Better still, have a custom designed Brown Vault.
From simple alterations to extreme one of a kind creations, we do it all.

Let our highly seasoned designers and craftsmen work directly with you, your designer, and/or contractor to fabricate the ultimate interior for your vault, complete with a custom built high security door.
From initial concept design, to construction plans, to interior construction, our capable team provides the essential ingredients to achieve a world class safe room.
With over 25 years of vault building experience, our industry recognized reputation for designing and constructing top notch creations is as solid as the vaults themselves.

Since we are the direct builder, the cost for this world class service is quite reasonable. On average, our custom built vault doors cost a third more than that of our standard models.
You'll find our interior vault design and fabrication costs to be quite reasonable as well.

Call us anytime for a fast quote on any request. We readily enjoy the challenge of forging your vision into reality.