Brown Safe Faq

Brown Safe Manufacturing Faq


What is the core business of your company?

  • Like the name implies, Brown Safe Manufacturing is a family owned security company that primarily manufacturers high security safes and vaults.
  • We also provide security consulting services and are tightly allied with a select group of security specialists that together provide a full security solution for institutions, small businesses, and private estates.

Who do you provide services and products to?

  • We service a wide range of clients including government embassies, research institutions, military bases, police and security organizations, jewelers, private collectors, celebrity estates, and private homes.

What sets you apart from other safe manufacturers?

  • We specialize in high security custom and luxury safes along with antique vaults. We have an industry recognized commitment to quality coupled with security.
  • Our time tested safes are hand built directly in our US factory by craftsmen each having over 20 years experience in safe building. Our company has been building safes in the US for 29 years.
  • Our safes offer a tremendous value. By selling directly to the customer, we eliminate costly overhead expenses that would otherwise make our safes cost prohibitive. The customer gains a high security safe at a price that’s only slightly higher than that of a far less secure but widely advertised safe.
  • We provide the highest level of service in the industry.  60% of our clients are return customers or referrals from other clients who are happy with our product and services.

What is the history of your company?

  • Brown Safe was started by Frederick Brown shortly after his military service. Initially a one man operation, Frederick was not a manufacturer but a reseller. Unhappy with the quality of the safes he was selling and determined to improve on existing designs, Frederick began designing custom safes of his own from his home workshop. Once he established a proven design method, Frederick started his own high security safe line in 1980. Initial production levels were quite low and Frederick employed a very small but select production crew. Most of these valued employees are still with the company.
  • Demand slowly grew as word of mouth spread. As the operation expanded, every family member became involved in the business.
  • Demand for Brown Safes remained fairly level throughout the 90’s as there were numerous local manufacturers and competition was strong. Then came the import assault… An influx of highly affordable and very poorly built safes imported primarily from China rapidly put most american safe builders out of business. The few safe builders that survived did so primarily by employing the same strategy that nearly took them down. They built inferior safes that could compete directly with the imports based on manufacturing costs. Many builders abandoned their role as manufacturers and became resellers of imported safes.
  • To his credit, Frederick did not give in to the high pressure to build lesser safes, but the cost for this was considerable. Safe sales dwindled and the family business struggled for years, relying primarily on military contracts and a dedicated employee base to weather those turbulent times.
  • The turn of the century and the rise of the internet brought tremendous opportunity for renewed growth to Brown Safe. It provided the perfect means to market high end safes to a much larger market. Frederick’s small business could finally flex its muscles. With the help of an internet savvy daughter and a now highly technical minded son, Brown Safe launched its first website early in 2000.
  • In an industry where information on safes was scarce, Brown Safe’s website attracted many knowledge seeking visitors by simply providing practical no-nonsense tips on safe buying. Backed by a reputable product, online forum and newsgroup backing has steadily propelled Brown Safe to the top position as the premier builder of high security safes.
  • Today, Brown Safe’s facilities occupy over 40,000 square feet, employing a workforce of over thirty along with contracting out to numerous external agencies. Demand for Brown Safes continues at a steady pace

Does Brown Safe work with television and movie companies?

  • Yes. We have provided vault doors, safes, and consulting services for numerous movies and TV shows including Spiderman 2, The Italian Job, and The Score. If you are looking for set references, vault locations or consultation, we can help. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Which celebrities have you made safes for?

  • While our safes are a common feature in numerous A-list celebrity homes and we greatly appreciate the business they pass on to us, we do not provide any information about the safes we sell or who they are sold to ...ever.

Can you describe your product lines?

Here’s a quick rundown of our primary products along with links to each…

  • Custom Safes: If you can describe it, we can build it. Brown Safe is one of the only full service safe builders in existence.
  • Gem Luxury Jewelry Safes: Highly refined safes with integrated hardwood jewelry and watch drawers. Our most popular safe line.
  • Estate Safes: Our high capacity highly configurable luxury safe line. A variety of mix and match configurations to organize weapons, jewelry, watches, files, electronics, and more.
  • Chronos Watch Safes: Simply the finest luxury safes in the world. Premium security ballistic armor safes with solid titanium bolt-work and a multitude of mixed metal interiors.  
  • Titan Standard Safes: This is our no frills line of fire and burglary safes.
  • Weapon Safes: High use gun safes for police, security, and military applications.  These safes are also highly popular among gun aficionados as they offer top performance without the costlier high end features included in our Estate line.
  • Wall Safes: Concealable high grade wall safes for both shallow and deep wall spaces.
  • Floor Safes: Extremely robust safes designed to be embedded into a structures concrete foundation.
  • Depository Safes: Multi-compartment safes designed specifically for businesses. These specialty safes allow for multiple levels of access and easy cash deposits. 
  • Estate Vault Doors: High security vault doors specifically tailored for personal estates. These doors offer an impressive list of standard features and a multitude of upgrade options.    
  • Ballistic Vault Doors: Extreme grade security vault doors capable of withstanding direct hits from a 50 caliber sniper rifle. The door's ballistic armor offers the highest available protection against drill, puncture, and tool attacks.