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High-Security Residential & Commercial Floor Safes

** All Floor Safes Have Been Discontinued **

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Our high security floor safes are for both residential and commercial applications. When placed in a concrete floor, these units provide outstanding fire and burglary protection at a very reasonable price.

Available in a variety of sizes, our floor safes are offered in B and CB protection levels.
B rated floor safes are equipped with a 1/2" solid steel door and 1/4" steel walls, while CB rated safes have a solid 1" thick wall with 1/4" walls.
We can provide safes with higher protection ratings on request.

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Floor safes are one of the top choices for economically and securely storing valuables. Brown Safe floor safes offer the traditional benefits of standard floor safes with the added protection only available with our superior design and solid steel construction.

Our floor safes provide the utmost in strength and security.

Standard Floor Safe Features

  • UL approved Group Two combination lock
  • 1,000,000 combination possibilities
  • Large 13" x 13" square door
  • 12 x 12 inch clear door opening
  • Metal cover plate - creates flush floor surface

Standard Floor Safe Security Features

  • 1/2" thick solid steel spring counter-balanced door
  • 1/4" thick solid steel safe body
  • 1/2" hardplate protecting lock and bolt work
  • Three Solid Steel 1 inch case hardened locking bolts with anti-drive resistance
  • Continuous locking lug on hinge side
  • Recessed pry resistant door design with a massively reinforced quadruple armor door jamb
  • Five active and passive relocking devices

Optional Features

Optional Security Features

  • Combination change kit
  • Key locking dial