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The 2018 is a compact safe with comprehensive security and luxury appointments. The size of this model allows for easy placement in most locations, and provides enough space to easily access your favorite valuables for daily use.
The MAN SAFE 2018 is an excellent option for the executive office or those seeking a security solution that easily fits within existing cabinetry in the living or office space.

Interior Configurations

  • 4 Winder Watch Panel
  • One 2" Drawer
  • One 3" Drawer
  • 4" Open Space Below Drawer
  • 8 Winder Watch Panel
  • One 2" Drawer
  • One 3" Drawer



* Burglary protection ratings are consistent for both safe configurations, as is the selection of available features.

MAN SAFE 2018 Dimensions

Interior Dimensions: 20" Ht. x 18" W. x 16.5" D.
Exterior Dimensions: 21" Ht. x 19" W. x 22" D.
Interior Drawer Dimensions: 12 ¾" W x 13" D.
Weight - Standard Model: 285 lbs.
Weight - Ballistic Armor Model: 295 lbs.

Selecting fire protection adds an innovative fire-resisting
concrete amalgamate which protects the MAN SAFE from
temperatures up to 1700°F for 90 minutes.


Considerations when deciding on Fire Protection: Fire protection will change the outside dimensions of the safe by increasing the safe height, width and depth by approximately 5".
Fire protection will also increase the weight of the safe significantly and may prevent second floor installations of the larger safe models.

MAN SAFE 2018 Dimensions with Fire Protection
Interior Dimensions: 20" Ht. x 18" W. x 16.5" D.
Exterior Dimensions: 26" Ht. x 24" W. x 27" D.
Interior Drawer Dimensions: 12 ¾" W x 13" D.
Weight - Standard Model: 848 lbs.
Weight - Ballistic Armor Model: 852 lbs.

- Provides added burglary protection.
- Increased sensitivity against forced entry attacks.
- Glass plate shatters setting off relockers at an early
  stage in the burglary, increasing the difficulty of entry.

+$350.00     *Standard on Ballistic Models

- Triggered by either a hidden button or an alternate unlock entry code, safes equipped with the silent
  signal alert feature interface directly with your alarm or home automation system.
- With the silent signal feature in place, if the unfortunate situation ever arises where the safe owner is
  forced to open the safe against their will, the safe can be unlocked in a normal manner while an
  undetectable alert is secretly sent to the homes monitoring system which in turn relays a message to security
  authorities, immediately alerting them to the holdup situation.


- The MAN SAFE ballistic model takes advantage of the highest protection level available anywhere.
- Fully constructed of military grade ballistic armor plate for a nearly impenetrable safe.

The armor plating is the same thickness as steel plating used for the standard MAN SAFE, but with penetration resistance equaling that of the strongest hardplate material available.
Material so strong that firing multiple .50 caliber bullets directly into the MAN SAFE results in nothing more than removing the paint. Aside from the missing paint, the safe shows little to no visible indentation, a feat no other known safe is capable of achieving, and a testament to the incredible strength of these safes.

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Features of the Elite Security Package include:
- 1/2 inch Ballistic Armor Door
- 1/4 inch Ballistic Armor Body
- Glass Plate Relocking Device
- Chip Carbide Hardplate

Note: 3 way bolt work with anti-drive system
not available on models smaller than 24"


Available Styling Options

Exterior Finish Color

Every MAN SAFE is available in your
choice of two high gloss paint finishes.

Entry Method

Select from two high security locks:

Lock & Handle Finish

Choose between a stealthy all black
anodized finish or the cool classic
look of brushed stainless steel.

Interior Finishes

Interior Finish

Brushed Stainless with Black Anodized
Brushed Stainless with Carbon Fiber



- The pedestal riser elevates the safe to an optimum height for
  quick and easy access.
- Pedestal heights start at 3" but can be custom built in ½" increments
to the exact height requested.

*If you are considering a pedestal over 6" we highly recommend selecting
the next size larger safe. Typically the price of a tall pedestal exceeds that
of the next largest safe size and you gain the benefit of extra storage space
to secure your valuables.


Additional Available Features:

Hinge Location

- The MAN SAFE comes standard with a right hand door swing, but can be built with hinges located on
   the left hand side of the safe so that the door opens to the left.

Additional Watch Winders

- Extra watch winders can be added to accommodate a larger timepiece collection.

Drawer Insert Layouts

- Brown Safe offers a wide selection of custom drawer inserts made specifically for the organization of
   watches, jewelry, currency, travel documents, luxury pens, and more.    See available inserts here


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