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All Brown gun safes represent the finest weapons storage system made today. We take pride in building the highest quality firearms storage solutions on the market. Within the safe industry, Brown Safe has always been recognized as a builder devoted to the production of top grade high security products.

When operating daily within a high stress environment, a faulty gun safe is unacceptable.
Brown Safe's high usage gun safes combine long term reliability with superior mechanical engineering to provide the end all security solution for weapon storage.
Specifically designed for service within high use military, law enforcement, security, and special forces units, these gun safes function flawlessly... providing years of maintenance free service.

All are available in a variety of sizes, ratings, and finishes with the option to add composite fire cladding to any gun safe model.

Select from the above tabs to view the range of available sizes and features. The headings below expand to provide a summary of our standard and luxury features.

If you're researching security solutions, be sure to visit our Gun Safes Buying Tips pages as we house an extensive knowledge base covering the selection of security products, safe terms, and proper construction methods. The information provided is sound advice relevant to any weapon safe purchase.

To view our top of the line gun safes, visit our Estate Gun Safes. These models offer the highest level of configurability, with a vast range of interior layout options. An Estate model comes standard with numerous refinements aimed at improving both appearance and usability with an abundance of optional luxury features that add further convenience for specific needs.


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