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Estate Safe Buying Tips

Estate safes are a Brown Safe exclusive. These are luxury-grade safes in high-capacity sizes. They are highly customizable and have a wide variety of sizes and interior layouts for the organization of jewelry, weapons, files, etc.

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  • Same great features as the luxury jewelry safes, but in larger sizes and with more layout options for a diverse range of collections.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Variety of exterior finishes and colors.
  • Higher protection rating option.
  • Loads of added features and available upgrades.
  • Pros


  • Being larger safes, they are priced higher.
  • The size and weight of estate safes make them difficult to install in upstairs locations.
  • Estate Safe Buying Tips
      Organize and optimize

    A safe can do far more than simply protect your valuables. When properly configured, a safe provides a great opportunity to organize and optimize your life.

    To fully capitalize on what your new safe offers, it's essential to stop thinking of your future safe as the thing you will store your valuables in and instead treat the safe as a highly configurable personal organizer…that protects what's in it.

    A good safe can be equipped with file drawers, jewelry drawers, necklace racks, watch winders, DVD drawers, gun racks, photo drawers, equipment drawers…the list is very extensive.

    Rather than having your precious items spread throughout your home and losing precious time tracking an item down whenever it goes missing, consolidate and organize. Take this opportunity to compile a list of the important items you commonly use and then consider how you want to organize these items in a way that works best for you. Now you can search out a quality safe that best accommodates your organizational plan.

      Consider a second safe for quick access

    Due to their weight and size, it can be difficult to install Estate safes in locations that are conveniently accessible. Many homeowners in this situation find that owning two safes allows for convenient access to their daily use items, while still having ample space for the important items used less often.

    By locating a second, smaller jewelry safe in the bedroom or closet, commonly used items remain conveniently accessible and protected.


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