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Brown Safe Press Release


Vista, CA - August 27, 2013

Brown Safe Manufacturing Safeguards Heirlooms with Jewelry Safes Designed to Protect Valuables While Owners Enjoy Summer Vacations

VISTA, CALIF. — The best part of summer vacation is the chance to leave everything behind. But travelers can cause themselves more stress than relaxation by leaving jewelry unprotected. Nothing is worse than coming home from vacation to a theft. New jewelry safes from Brown Safe Manufacturing are designed to prevent burglary by keeping valuables safely organized, allowing vacationers to rest easier knowing precious possessions are secure and out of sight.

Like fine jewels, a high-quality jewelry safe is a statement in and of itself. "Much like the heirlooms they are designed to protect, Brown Safe Manufacturing’s jewelry safes are passed on from generation to generation," explains Lynel Berryhill, Vice President of the family-owned Brown Safe Manufacturing.

Founded in 1980, Brown Safe creates safes for owners to have the best of both worlds: flawless design and high-level security. Complete with hardened, high-gloss finishes set over military-grade steel bodies; every safe is armed with the latest in security features. Jewels are ensconced in stunning customizable drawers fashioned from exotic hardwoods.

While jewelry safes are designed to keep jewels secure and accessible, Brown Safe also ensures collections are organized in ready-to-wear condition. The company designs jewelry safes down to the smallest detail. Delicate gemstones are separated in drawers away from harder gems and metals that can scratch softer surfaces. Brown safes also protect jewels from the elements, ensuring moisture and temperature-controlled interiors prevent tarnishing while simultaneously protecting pearls from drying out and cracking.

With a high-quality jewelry safe, valuables are not only secure right where vacationers left them, but these collections are also protected from careless treatment and environmental concerns. "Brown Safe Manufacturing goes to great lengths to keep our clients more than just safe. We specialize in making sure the valuables our clients come home to are just as when they left them,” continues Berryhill.

With cases of theft on the rise (especially during vacation season), precious heirlooms are increasingly being targeted for residential burglaries as well as snatch and grab opportunists. It's small wonder why in today’s economy high security safes like the Brown Safe Gem line have become must-have accessories for 2013.


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