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Vista, CA - March 12, 2013


VISTA, CA - March 12, 2013 – Today, the business of collecting luxury is booming. Whether fine art, timepieces, wine, or luxury autos, protecting these investments is paramount for collectors. As purveyor of the most secure residential safes and vaults in the world, Brown Safe Manufacturing has been protecting what people hold most valuable for more than thirty years.

"As economies fluctuate, we see asset theft rising amongst high net individuals. People look to us to keep what they hold most precious safe and secure," comments Brown Safe Manufacturing President Lynel Berryhill. "What that is varies, but our clients regularly invest millions into whatever moves them. Investing less than one percent of that in a system designed to protect their passion is vital. Often times, we find the most important items are of intrinsic value, and these are things that truly are irreplaceable."

Founded by Fredrick Brown in 1980, Brown Safe Manufacturing provides security solutions for the U.S. Government and Military. In compliment to this national defense work, the company also offers safety solutions to the private sector, including custom security for estates as well as jewelry and watch aficionados. Working with ultra high net worth individuals, Brown Safe Manufacturing provides safes for diplomats, celebrities, and financiers. With a safety deposit box shortage epidemic spanning the globe, residential safes have become increasingly popular.

Whether from sophisticated theft or even natural disasters such as fire or even earthquake, Brown Safe Manufacturing knows from experience that anything can and will happen. The company delivers bank-level security in the comfort of primary residences as well as secondary vacation properties. Brown Safe is currently the only company to offer military-grade ballistic armor protection. Four-way titanium locking bolts, locking bolt anti-drive, active passive re-locking, interlocking anti-pry door, alarm system integration, and GPS alert systems are all common features.

Brown Safe Manufacturing technicians and engineers work with clients from beginning to end not only to provide the best security possible, but also work to ensure each safe is positioned within the home perfectly.

"Some clients prefer displaying their safes out in the open. We find many watch collectors enjoy showcasing their collections. We often work alongside high end custom closet makers to create his and her safes," Lynel Berryhill adds. "Others prefer locating their safes behind trap doors and wonderfully intricate secret compartments. Whatever clients prefer, Brown Safe Manufacturing offers a sophisticated range of solutions to meet any taste. Their secrets are always safe with us."

About Brown Safe

Established in 1980, Brown Safe Manufacturing provides security solutions ranging from high-grade military products to luxury jewelry safes. Every Brown Safe is handcrafted to meet this family-owned company's exacting standards for excellent craftsmanship, long-term reliability and survivability.

This combination of integrity and innovation -- paired with an active, engaged social media presence and a penchant for environmental causes -- has earned Brown Safe a reputation as a dynamic, forward-thinking leader in the security industry.


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