Gun Safe Reviews

A No-Nonsense Comparison of the Top Freestanding Gun Safes of 2016

Purchasing the best gun safe for your needs can be a confusing endeavor. Not only are there a lot of companies to choose from, but there is a mix of information, and misinformation, to sift through. With this comparison we are hoping to provide a resource full of objective, comparative information which you can use to rank and compare different buying options. No marketing hype - Just raw data and objective criteria to compare gun safes according to your needs.

We hope that with the help of safe owners, installers, locksmiths, and other qualified individuals this comparison will continue to grow and change over time. Our aim is to offer the most current and comprehensive criteria so you can make an informed decision. Please feel free to contact us with additional information at any time.

The Review Process

In order to compare one safe to another, we started by tracking down the published specifications for each safe. From this mass of largely superfluous data, we then extracted only the info that addresees the core considerations an educated safe buyer would care about. The final and most important step in process was to put our 30+ years of safe building expertise to use in analyzing each safes construction. We then compared those specifics to determine categories and rankings for each individual safe.

The overall objective was to first classify safes in to three broad categories and then further compare those safes to other similar safes within the same category. This way the user can see quickly how a safe ranks by category, and then more specifically against it's category competitors.

How We Tested

Security — To determine the security of a safe tested in this review we primarily looked at the quantity, thickness and placement of steel used in the safe. more...

Fire Protection — Fire protection is determined by the materials used, the placement of those materials, and the possibility of moisture penetration in the form of steam. more...

Price — Price is simply a straight forward ranking based on the current available pricing.

Capacity Value — Capacity Value is a measure of the Cost per Cu/Ft of storage space. more...

Warranty — The warranty comparison is determined by the full terms of the warranty. Including the length of warranty coverage, which components are covered or not covered, and any requirements to keep the warranty active. more...

Customization — Customization is the measure of the consumer's ability to make a truly one of a kind safe. more...

Special Features — These are unique features and extras that come standard with the safe at no additional cost. more...

Safes That Did Not Make the Cut

The purpose of this category is to open the eyes of the consumer, and to plainly cut through the veil of marketing hype. These "Safes" have serious design and security flaws for anyone looking to protect thier assets from fire, theft, or children. A product might also make it into this category if the value to the customer just isn't there. For example the product isn't space efficient. This could mean the cost per Cu/Ft of storage space is just too high to provide value.

  Space Efficiency Fire Resistance Moisture Saturation Lock Type Warranty Security Value
Browning Prestige 28    
Liberty Tactical 24        
Secure It TGS1824LT    
Stack ON TS-20-MB-E-S          
Winchester Silverado 26          

Residential Security Containers

For many safe buyers space limitations, transportability, and budget will have a significant impact on purchasing decisions. RSC rated safes are good alternatives for those times when buying a true safe isn't an option. For instance, some multi-story buildings cannot support the weight of a more robust safe. Or if a buyer expects to be moving regularly, has only young children who aren't yet a security concern, or for those storing replaceable items without sentimental value, then this category is worth consideration.

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(RSC and True Safe rankings are completely independent)

This chart allows you to compare just the results that matter to you.

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True Safe Comparison

The safes found in this section of the review should be safes which will not only protect your most valuable possessions from fire damage, and theft, but should give you trouble free use for years to come.

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This chart allows you to compare just the results that matter to you.

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