About Brown Safe

Fireproof Safes: Does your "Fireproof" Safe Offer true Protection?

WARNING! The majority of "fireproof" safes on the market provide minimal fire protection and little to no burglary protection. Click here to learn how to identify these imposters along with tips on choosing a good fire safe.

Every freestanding safe model we offer can be upgraded to a composite cladded fire safe.

Our superior fire protection cladding process encases the entire safe body in two and a half inches of hardened amalgamate. The resulting fire safe offers substantial fire protection, keeping the interior contents below flash point for 90 minutes at sustained temperatures of 1700°F. Click here to learn more.

Because of the high density, weight, and composition of our fire encasing materials, safes with fire protection also benefit from an additional level of burglary protection.


Composite Fire Cladding - Features


     Two and a half inch composite amalgamate encasement
Once the safe has been built with the desired level of burglary protection, the safe is made fire worthy by encasing all walls within 2 1/2 inches of poured composite material comprised of a high pressure concrete based mixture. The door of the safe receives a 2 inch layer of composite material. While it's impossible to create a truly "fireproof safe" this is the maximum level of fire protection available while still retaining adequate burglary shielding.
To learn more about the composite encasement process, click here.
     90 minutes at 1700°F degrees fire rating
The safe will keep contents below paper flash point  (350° F, 177° C) for 1 1/2 hours at temperatures up to 1700°F (927° C)
     Additional burglar protection provided

Brown Safe is one of the only safe builders to enhance the density of our composite fire material to provide a high level of increased burglary protection. Our special recipe high-PSI amalgamate is capable of dissipating the concentrated heat from torches, seizing saw blades, and fracturing drill bits.

     Ball and roller bearing hinges
Twice the steel means a door that's twice the weight. To better accommodate the added mass, we upgrade the door hinges to high load bearing ball and roller hinges. The result is an exceptionally fortified door with silky smooth operation.