About Brown Safe

Dial Lock

The ideal lock for the traditionalist. Its beauty is only surpassed by its simplicity.
No electronics means no maintenance. Untouched by time, this dial will turn with the the same effortless fluidity in one hundred years.

La Gard Model 3330 Mechanical Dial Lock Features

  • Three combination wheels - produces 1,000,000 possible combinations.
  • Integral relock trigger - Trigger sets off relockers if lock is tampered with or punched.
  • Brass wheels and lever - For long, dependable lock life.
  • Dialing tolerance = +/- .5 degrees


  • USA U. L. approved high security Group 2 combination lock
  • VdS Class 1
  • EN 1300 A
  • ECB-S

Optional Dial Lock Features

     Electronic Keypad Lock Upgrade
This lock carries the same UL Group 2 High Security rating while offering the flexibility that comes with electronic locks along with faster access times through push button entry.
     Key Locking Dial
A Key lock at the center of the dial gives the user the option of locking out the dial.
Once locked out, the dial will not function until the key is reinserted.
     Glass Plate triggered Re-lockers
A tempered glass plate is positioned between the lock and the safe door. Any attempt to penetrate the door to access the lock will shatter the glass which in turn releases numerous hardened re-locker pins scattered throughout the door’s mechanics. Once triggered, the pins prevent the safe from opening until every pin has been identified, drilled, and extracted... an insurmountable task given a thief’s limiting time constraints.
     Combination Change Kit
This is a simple kit containing a change key along with simple instructions on changing the dial lock combination.