At Brown Safe, protection has been, is, and always will be our number one priority. Our dedication to this core value has earned Brown Safe an industry wide reputation for secure safes and vault doors.

If you haven't browsed the Protection Levels pages within the Safe Buying Guide section, we highly suggest you do, as insufficient safe protection is the number one issue that is currently plaguing the safe industry.

Most of the core buying principles of safe selection also apply to vaults. Also, many of the safe makers building ineffectual safes also sell ineffectual vault doors. We suggest you check out the Competitor Comparison page to learn which safe companies consistently produce inferior products.

Our starting vault door models come with a half inch thick solid steel door. The top rated vault door models by the majority of vault door builders don't offer this much protection.

Each box below describes the protection features that come standard with each protection level we offer. Higher protection levels include all features from the previous level in addition to those listed.

Optional protection features are also listed below. We can also provide custom vault door protection levels above those listed here... call us anytime as we're always happy to discuss a quality vault door to fit your needs.

Brown Safe Vault Door Protection Level Ratings:

Estate B Rating

Estate E Rating

Estate S Rating

Composite Fire Cladding