• Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Custom-Safewatch safe
  • Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Orbita-Watch-WinderLuxury watch safe
  • Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Safe-For-Watchesluxury safe wth watch winders
  • Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Watch-ChestWatch safe with watch winders
  • Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Watch-Vaultwatch winder safe
  • Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Watch-Winderluxury watch winder safe
Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Custom-Safe1 Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Orbita-Watch-Winder2 Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Safe-For-Watches3 Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Watch-Chest4 Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Watch-Vault5 Watch-Safe-Chronos-6218-STK-Watch-Winder6

Chronos Watch Safe

This watch safe is designed for the sophisticated timepiece collector who will settle for no less than the most advanced and highly refined watch chest on the market today.

Built using only the highest grade materials and cutting edge components, including biometric finger-print reading entry and Orbita watch winder, the Chronos is the top choice of the timepiece aficionado looking to buy a watch safe.


Shown In The Following Configuration:
  • Protecting Rating - M-Rate with Ballistic Plate Armor
  • Finish - Metallic Black & Stainless
  • Size - 6218
  • Interior - Brushed Stainless with Carbon Fiber
  • Fabric - Black Ultrasuede®


Luxury Features:
  • Custom Interior
  • Three movement timelock
  • Multi-sensor alarm
  • GPS anti-theft-system
  • Ballistic armor pedestal riser


Jewelry Drawer Layout:
  • Two 3 inch deep drawers - drawers use insert layouts and M
  • One 5 inch deep drawer - drawer uses an open insert layout