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The 10 Stupidest Criminals

As providers of high-security solutions around the world, understanding the criminal mindset is part of our job description. But every once in awhile, we find proof that there’s just not much to understand. Here are the stories of The 10
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Watch Safe – High Security Storage For Your Timepieces

Often, when we think “jewelry safe” there’s little to no correlation with “watch safe”. Whether it’s because we’ve come to expect seeing them or simply because we think of them more as ‘tools’ than ‘accessories’,

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Things to Think About When Purchasing a Home Safe

Think of a home safe and two things may immediately pop into your mind: A cleverly concealed wall safe (a la nearly every James Bond movie ever filmed), or a massive, heavy, impenetrable estate safe.

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Safes – 3 Top Tips When Shopping for your Next Treasure Chest


Protection is Everything Like so many other products on the market today, the majority of safes are in fact cheap Chinese knockoffs of true safes.  Most criminals have come to know this sad truth,

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Safes Make Mornings Easier

Modern day safes can be more than a reinforced jewelry box. Used to its fullest potential, your jewelry safe can help make your day-to-day flow a little more smoothly. When designing your Gem Series Jewelry Safe you’ll

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Jewelry Safe Buyers Guide

A luxury jewelry safe is a high grade burglary safe with optional fire protection and extensive upgrades to vastly improve on convenience, appearance, and organization. These highly configurable safes can even include custom jewelry storage with modular drawer insert systems, along with watch… Continue reading »

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Chronos Luxury Watch Safe

The following post contains quite the security safe. It’s called “The Chronos” and it’s the most advanced safe yet produced by Brown Safe Manufacturing. Each Chronos features biometric finger print recognition, gps anti-theft systems, multi-sensor alarm with home automation incorporation, and automatic watch winders… Continue reading »

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