Commando Cool

Since its inception, Bell & Ross has been associated with creating high-end timepieces inspired by and built for military, law enforcement, and other such professionals whose lives depend on their equipment. The original iconic square case and bold numerals are design features borrowed from that of aviation instruments, and highlights Bell & Ross’ focus on function. Created with four fundamental principles in mind: readability, performance, precision, and water-resistance; Bell & Ross watches are designed for those whom failure is not an option. Working under the motto that “The essential is never compromised by the superfluous.” Bell & Ross says the goal of their designers, engineers, and master watch makers is to make a truly utilitarian watch. This idea is even more evident in their limited edition Commando Series.

The matte gray colorway is the most distinguishing feature of the series. As a neutral color with a non-reflective surface it blends with most environments regardless of day or night operations. Typically, we think of a flat black finish as being the most conducive to not drawing attention, but that is actually only the case for very low-light scenarios. Since solid black is not a natural color it actually has a tendency to stand out to the human eye whereas the gray blends in no matter the light level.

The Bell & Ross BR01-96 And BR01-97 Limited Edition Commando Watches shown above kicked off the stylish and stealthy twist on the iconic designs. While currently these über cool Commando limited editions are available in the brand’s vintage collections, as either the BR 123 Commando automatic watch or the BR 126 Commando vintage chronograph shown below.

Inspired by watches worn by pilots during the 1940’s, the vintage collection combines a beautifully simple aesthetic that is both classic and streamlined. When coupled with the matte gray PVD finish on the 41mm case and steel components, and smooth matte gray rubber strap,  both  watches are instantly brought into the modern era; seamlessly bridging the gap between timeless timepiece design, contemporary style, and supreme functionality. All of which are characteristics we strive to create in our own products.

Sharing the same passion as Bell & Ross for designs that are inspired by and built for rigorous use, Brown Safe has created its own limited edition. A watch safe that pays homage to the same professionals who inspired the Bell & Ross Commando. The Chronos is world’s most secure watch safe, the roots of which stem from the military sector and for whom we originally developed much of the technology used in every Chronos Watch Safe built by Brown Safe.  For this model we specifically took inspiration from the dark matte gray surface shared by U.S. military vessels and aircraft. The result was the Chronos Stealth Gray, a stunning Chronos luxury watch safe constructed of military-grade ballistic steel and finished in a color fitting of the technology and methods that inspired its creation. Visit the Brown Safe website to see more of the watch safe.

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