Breaking Radio Silence

We are breaking radio silence to let our friends and followers know the Brown Safe Research Lab has been hard at work developing a system which necessitated our complete focus and total devotion. The rampant increase in active shooter scenarios has forced us to do our part in finding a solution to combat these psychopathic cowards.

Brown Safe has always and will continue to be steadfastly focused on security. Yes, historically this has primarily consisted of vault doors and day gates to protect military personal and sensitive material, as well as high-security safes depended on by families around the globe to protect their most treasured valuables….but we can’t stop there.

The Research Labs component of Brown Safe was created out of necessity for special projects that required a broader more systemic view of security. For this reason, we examine all manner of technologies and methodologies to minimize risk and security exposure. Sometimes pertaining to a specific safe or vault project, or sometimes a completely separate security product commissioned because of our passion for protection.

Our lawyers and those of the organization we are working with to implement an Active Shooter Response Solution have asked us to maintain the utmost secrecy of the project…..but we felt it was necessary to break the silence if only to let the other responsible concerned citizens among us know they are not alone – there are others that are 100% focused on the issue, exhausting their significant resources, and committed to making a change. Because there is plenty of room for discussion about mental health, background checks, and all manner of firearm related discussion – and we agree with healthy meaningful debate – but the reality is sociopaths are doing real harm right now and that is what we are focused on. We intend to create a solution that will eliminate these threats post-haste and make the copycat cowards think twice.

We’ll be doing our best to give you regular updates on the progress of this system, and get back to offering the same articles, insights, reviews, and tips you’ve come to expect from the us.

Thank you for the support and stay safe!

– The Brown Safe Research Labs team.

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