Ares Armor R.A.D. Pack

The next level of concealed weapon carry has arrived. Introducing the R.A.D. Pack by Ares Armor that we’ve been testing out here at the Brown Safe Research Lab. Not only can you discreetly and comfortably carry a small to medium sized weapon, but this pack gives the wearer armor protection with the bag’s integrated front and back plate carriers. What at first glance looks to be an unassuming backpack is in fact a handy carry-all system that can be quickly accessed in a moment’s notice thanks to the patent pending design by Ares Armor which allows the user to deploy the armor and weapon system without removing the backpack.

The Rapid Armor Deployment (R.A.D.) Pack makes use of an ingenious quick-release system which gives the operator access to an armor plate carrier that can be pulled over the head and secured to protect their central mass. Molle webbing covers the front plate pocket to provide ample room for weapons and accessories storage which can be customized to fit your specific needs or weapon configurations so that everything you need is at the ready when the time comes.

The patent pending design is comprised of a cable system that holds the front plate panel and integrated weapon attachment in place inside of the pack. An ambidextrous release which can be located at either shoulder drops open the compartment open when pulled and allows the plate carrier to be pulled up and over the head. This locates the armor over the chest for protection and makes the mounted sidearm immediately available.

However, this pack isn’t solely for carrying your armor and weapons, it is also a fully functional backpack as well. In addition to the armor plate carriers the pack also features a separate large rear compartment to house any other items you would normally carry in a backpack. In fact during our testing of the R.A.D Pack we found that the added weight actually facilitated quicker deployment times. By adding just a book or bottle of water the additional weight helped to drop the back compartment out of the way more quickly and gave us less potential for snagging during the movement of the plate carrier up and over our head.

The RAD Pack transforms from an intentionally plain looking bag into a fully armored fighting system in under 2 seconds. Its non-descript design means that you can easily blend in while having the peace of mind and protection available to minimize the damages an assailant can inflict.

Protect Yourself and Your Family By Always Using High Security Safes

The R.A.D. pack by Ares Armor is a highly functional solution for the concealed carry of your favorite weapon system. However, when not being used all firearms and weapons should be securely locked away in a high security safe. Take care to protect yourself and your family by always locking your weapons inside any one of the many high-security safes available from Brown Safe.

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