Close Quarter Qualifier

AR15 style rifles are some of the most popular weapons for military and civilians alike, and for good reason, the vast number of manufactures designing and building parts for the AR15 makes it the perfect platform to easily create the style of gun best suited to your needs. Shorter and shorter barrel lengths have become increasingly popular with AR addicts and the advancements in gas piston  setups mean they are more and more reliable than ever before. Those individuals seeking a close quarter weapon that is easy to manipulate in tight spaces, light, accurate, and still carries plenty of power have opted to go with an AR style lower in a pistol configuration.

Short barreled AR style weapons registered as pistols are known as Personal Defense Weapons, or PDWs. One such company specializing producing such a AR15 PDW is Phase 5 Tactical out of Roseville, CA. Phase 5 Tactical is calling this little beast the Close Quarter Combat Pistol, or CQC Pistol for short. They offer the AR15 pistol in two models, the AR15 Phase 5 CQC Pistol – Standard Model (CQC-S), and the AR15 Phase 5 LIMITED CQC Pistol (CQC-L).

The standard CQC Pistol includes a 7.5″ barrel Chambered in 5.56 NATO with  a 1/9 Twist, a Phase 5 Lower receiver, Flat top style upper receiver, 7″ free float quad rail hand guard, anti walk trigger pins, pigtail gas tube system, and mil-spec A2 flash hider…. In other words pretty decked out for the so-called “standard” model. Additionally, the Standard CQC Pistol is offered in an upgradable version that allows you to spec out any other grip, rail system, muzzle break, backup sights, etc. all of which they will install for you at their facility.

The LIMITED CQC Pistol includes all the same goodness that the standard does but it will come with an anodized finish in Battle Green as well as a low profile flattop upper with flip up back up sights, and the full range of killer Phase 5 products including the MB-5sp muzzle brake, Ambi-Battle Latch, REVO Sling Attachment System, Ambi-Battle Latch Charging Handle, Winter Trigger Guard, and Extended Bolt Release.

In addition to their badass close quarter pistols seen above Phase 5 Tactical also sells many of the individual parts needed to turn your short barreled AR15 into one wicked weapon.

Check out the Phase 5 Tactical website to see all their products and learn more about their AR15 pistol.

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