8 Oddest Places People Have Hidden Their Valuables

When it comes to hiding valuables, people can get quite creative in their quest to find the safest place in their home to put these treasured belongings.  Instead of investing in a safe, some people have found some interesting hiding spots in their property.  Here are eight unusual, odd places that people have hidden their valuables:

1. In the Bible: You would be surprised at how many people take this religious book and use it as a hiding place.  They may simply stick money between the pages or even hollow it out as a place to store some of their most valuable possessions.

2. In the freezer: Some people have an extra freezer in the garage or basement, so it makes a great place to hide valuables.  Of course, you would want to make sure that the freezer isn’t in use or your valuables may turn into blocks of ice.

3. In the back of the toilet inside the water compartment: This place is kind of gross to think about, but many people have taped important documents or money in the water compartment on the back of the toilet.  This is probably not the first place that a thief is going to check, so it makes a great hiding place.

4. Buried in the backyard: Although it sounds like something out of a Hollywood film, many people do dig up an area of their backyard and bury some of their most important belongings in a strongbox or other container.  The key is remembering where you buried it!

 5. In the cookie jar: Again, people assume that even an experienced burglar is unlikely to dig through your kitchen cookie jar.  However, this is taking a chance that someone could simply walk by, open it up and find your stash of extra cash.

6. In the stereo speakers: Yes, some people even use the inside of their stereo speakers as a way of protecting their valuables.

7. In an old purse: Some people store valuables inside of an old purse or handbag that is sitting in their bedroom closet.  Again, most thieves aren’t going to take the time to go through all of your old clothes and accessories.

8. In a fake computer unit: Many people have old computer towers that are no longer working.  It’s a great place to store money or other valuables because it might just be sitting under your desk. However, if the burglar gets the notion to steal your computer, that could be a big problem!

People are always looking for ways to make sure that their personal valuable belongings are protected. Although these hiding places may not be the best, they are certainly unique! And while they get points for thinking outside the box, we’re not convinced their cherished items will be safe from even the most novice intruders. For anything you truly value and need to keep safe it’s best to make use of a quality home safe made from at least 1/4” solid steel, with a 1/2” solid steel door and high-security lock.

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