Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Home Safe or Fire Safe in 2012

Hooray it’s a brand new year! …and we’re all still here!! It seems as if the Mayan’s were wrong – well, at least so far. And although most of us didn’t take the whole end-of-the-world thing too seriously, the rest of last year’s troubles with high unemployment, economic woes, soaring crime, the occupy movement, and mass discontent did give most of us pause to consider taking at least some safety precautions. With every new year comes the opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh start, and plenty of resolutions. So, if one of your resolutions is to be prepared, then a high quality home safe or fire safe should definitely be part of your plan.

Here are just a few of the reasons why purchasing a home safe or a fire safe with burglary protection is a good idea for 2012:

1. Creating or expanding your home portfolio: Continued economic distress and instability within the financial markets is causing increased insecurity for individuals looking to put their savings into solid investments. Many individuals are opting to transition large portions of their personal reserves to physical gold and silver, or some individuals who have taken a substantial loss are simply holding on to their cash to securely store in a home safe or fire safe where they can access it at any point.

2. Alarming acceleration of home and commercial break-ins: A rising number of home and business owners are noting an increased number of break-ins and criminal activities within their area. Based on what many of our clients looking to buy a secure home safe or a fire safe with burglary protection are telling us, it appears that break-ins have gone up three-fold in 2011. We hear many heart-breaking stories of lost valuables and irreplaceable items on a daily basis, often these items were taken from a low cost home safe or a fire safe the owner assumed would protect against theft.

3. High unemployment has created millions of desperate out-of-work individuals: With nowhere else to turn and  increased access to information, just about anyone at the end of their rope can quickly learn how to bypass many existing security measures. Until recently, most home intruders would simply snatch up whatever was easily grabbed, and then quickly depart. However, with online video services like You Tube, anyone with an internet connection and bad intent has free access to a host of how-to videos demonstrating step by step instructions of sophisticated burglary methods. With a simple keyword search a novice burglar can rapidly learn advanced home and safecracking skills previously reserved to only highly experienced criminals, and be more than capable of gaining entry into 90% of the home safes being sold today.

4. Vast majority of available home safes are easy targets for criminals: We’ve been receiving increasing calls from people who have had their home safe or fire safe broken into. Most safes on the market today sold as burglar safes are in truth low end fire safes that provide little to no burglary protection. Numerous safe owners who previously felt their belongings were protected are realizing the hard way that their treasured items are in fact quite vulnerable to theft. There was a day when burglars who encountered a safe were immediately dissuaded, looking for easier snatch and grab opportunities inside a home. Recently however, word has spread among the criminal element that entry into most home safes can be gained within mere minutes using simple crowbars. Most burglars now zero in on these safes knowing that all of the valuables have been neatly organized for them in one convenient place and that they will have no problem rapidly gaining access to the items stored inside.

5. Service providers in and round the home are resorting to stealing: The serious financial troubles of this strained economy have taken the greatest toll on the lowest earning segment of our workforce. Unfortunately many of our most trusted service providers in and around the home succumb to the temptation of stealing from those who they have the greatest amount of access; those who employ them. By storing your valuables in a high quality home safe or a fire safe with burglary protection you can eliminate this temptation reduce your risk of being a target to near zero.

If you would like to learn more about safeguarding your valuables please visit our home safe and fire safe pages for more information.

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