Jewelry Drawers Protect & Organize Valuables

Jewelry Drawers Protect & Organize Valuables

It takes years upon years to build up a jewelry collection, and for many it’s a lifelong joy. Each piece of jewelry is unique and special to its owner and therefore special care is required to preserve the appearance of their collection. Beyond the fact that these precious valuables must always be locked away securely within a high quality jewelry safe, it’s important that jewelry is stored properly within that safe. The last thing a collector wants is for their beautiful jewelry to become tarnished, entangled with other pieces, or damaged do to improper storage. By purchasing a safe with a chest of jewelry drawers contained within it, the owner can take comfort in knowing their jewelry will be both securely protected from theft and the harm that comes from inadequate storage.

Jewelry drawers designed specifically for the type of jewelry being stored is one of the best ways to eliminate the risk of harming a jewelry collection. Additionally, these jewelry drawers aid in the organization of jewelry for convenient access and inventory.

All Jewelry drawers should be lined in a soft material like velvet or ultrasuede that helps to protect delicate metals and keeps stones from becoming scratched.  Storing jewelry in a jewelry drawer with the correct insert designed for the specific type of jewelry being stored is of the most benefit to maintaining jewelry’s quality. For example, by storing rings in a jewelry drawer with padded foam ring slots keeps the rings separate and unable to scratch each other as they will when stored flat in a jewelry box or bowl. The other benefit of ring slots for ring storage is that it allows you to neatly organize them and since they are stored in an upright position they can be quickly identified as soon as the jewelry drawer is opened. Likewise necklaces, bracelets, and some watches should be stored in a jewelry drawer with long flat dividers so they don’t become entangled and rub against one another. Whereas jewelry drawers with small square or rectangular compartments are perfect for the storage of earrings and broaches.

Each person’s jewelry collection is unique, and a special reflection of them and the memories they associate with each piece of jewelry. Every collector should have an equally special place to store their collection and preserve those precious memories. Because there is no one size fits all solution to jewelry storage we suggest  you choose the jewelry drawer configuration and jewelry drawer inserts that meet your individual needs.

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