How To Stop Your Ring From Spinning

How To Stop Your Ring From Spinning

Having a ring that spins on your finger is more common than you might think, especially if it has a top-heavy stone or setting. The first step toward stopping a ring from spinning is to visit a good jeweler, who can check to make sure your ring is sized correctly.

If your knuckles aren’t overly large, getting your ring re-sized may be all it takes to fix that annoying spin. But if you do have large knuckles, a correctly sized ring might spin a little bit anyway once it’s on your finger. After all, it has to be large enough to fit over your knuckle, and you can’t just shrink the ring down a size once it’s on… or can you?

A few solutions come pretty close. Most of them require the services of a good jeweler, but you can purchase a couple of helpful gadgets online or at inexpensive jewelry stores.

These DIY gadgets to stop rings from spinning are usually called ring sizers or ring guards, and come in two main types: A flexible plastic cylinder that fits around the palm side of your ring shank (the side opposite the ring setting, if it has one) to snug it against your finger, or a lightweight spring that clamps across the same part of the shank. The latter usually requires pliers to install, so if you’re dealing with valuable jewelry or delicate metals, consider having a jeweler do it for you. (You’ll get a better fit and a higher-quality spring out of the deal.)

Your jeweler can also install sizing beads — some people call them arthritis balls — inside the ring’s shank, opposite the setting, to help hold it in place on your finger. Or they could also install a fold over device to help clamp a loose ring upright on your finger.

Finally, if none of these options work to stop a ring from spinning, ask your jeweler to install a hinged shank. You can open the hinge when you put the ring on or take it off, then close it to secure the ring on your finger. This isn’t the cheapest option — it might cost you several hundred dollars — but it means you’ll be able to wear the ring no matter what shape your knuckles are in. Or, as a final resort, if the stone is the most important part of the ring you can always have it reset in a different piece of jewelry that you’ll be able to wear more easily.


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