The Constellation Quest – Vertu’s First Luxury Smartphone

Vertu, the market leader in mobile luxury phones, has officially unveiled its first smartphone. The Constellation Quest is the newest and most advanced addition to the brand’s lineup. The first of Vertu’s phones to feature a full QWERTY keyboard, the model is similar in design to the Nokia E63, E71, and E72 but differs in is exquisite form and luxurious fit and finish.

The Quest is available in either 18-karat gold, matte stainless steel, or polished stainless steel and is completely assembled by hand. Additional design features include a luxurious leather back and keys fashioned of sapphire crystal and stainless steel.

Vertu’s signature design feature, an analogue clock (which automatically adjusts based on the user’s location) is also featured along with an uncluttered home screen that displays only the chosen information of the owner.

Users will have access to information on cities across the globe via the location aware mobile concierge applications feature Vertu City Brief.  The concierge has been enhanced for the launch of the new Constellation Quest and provides different options for the users lifestyle to provide the assistance and enrichment best suited to the customer.

The phone’s official specifications have yet to be released but it appears that it will feature a 2.36″ color display, 3.5mm audio jack, and a camera with LED flash.

Availability and pricing are still forthcoming from Vertu, but we’re guessing this is going to be one sought after luxury gadget.

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