Top Reasons To Buy A Home Safe

We’ve experienced a notable increase in safe sales over the past 6 months. Crime is definitely on the rise and many people have recognized this and are taking steps to protect their valued items. While economic conditions are the primary reason for the increase in safe buying, additional contributing factors apply. The following list is a breakdown of the strongest factors motivating safe purchases.

Creation or expansion of home portfolio:

Rising instability within banks and the financial markets is causing increased insecurity for individuals looking to put their savings into solid investments. Many are opting to transition large portions of current investments over to items with direct physical value they can actually see and hold. Popular items are money, and precious metals.


Rapid rise in home and commercial break-ins:

Though actual figures are difficult to come by, many home and business owners are experiencing a notable increase in the number of break-ins and criminal activities within their area. Our own figures suggest break-ins have tripled within the last 6 months. In response, many are increasing their home security. This includes the purchase of a quality home safe.


You Tube educated burglars have learned to bypass existing security measures:

Until recently, most home intruders would simply snatch up whatever was easily grabbed and quickly depart. With the advent of online video services like You Tube, however, free how to videos demonstrate sophisticated burglary methods to anyone with the desire to seek out such knowledge. With a simple keyword search, a novice burglar can rapidly learn advanced home and safecracking skills previously reserved to only highly experienced criminals.


Current low quality home safes are easy targets for criminals:

We’ve been receiving increasing calls from people who have had their safe broken into. Most safes on the market today sold as burglar safes are in truth low end fire safes that provide little to no burglary protection. Numerous safe owners who previously felt their belongings were protected are realizing the hard way that their treasured items are in fact quite vulnerable to theft. There was a day when burglars who encountered a safe were immediately dissuaded, looking for easier snatch and grab opportunities inside a home. Recently however, word has spread among the criminal element that entry into most home safes can be gained within mere minutes using simple crowbars. Most burglars now zero in on these safes and do in fact gain rapid access to the valued items stored within.


Workers employed within and around homes are resorting to stealing:

During these strained financial times when many of us are subjected to serious financial troubles, trusted workers employed within and around homes are finding it increasingly harder to avoid the temptation to steal from the homeowners who employ them. Though this recent problem is more common among wealthy homeowners, theft is increasingly common by all hired help in our around the home.

For more home safe information and additional tips for securing your valuables visit our home safes page.

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