TNT Emergency Survival Tool

Introducing an all-in-one powerhouse of a tool for the git-r-done multitasker in all of us – the TNT Emergency Survival Tool. Created by two Colorado firemen who envisioned a single tool that they could use in a variety of ways and enable them to do their job better when it mattered most. So we think it’s safe to say the TNT Tool has been put through its paces and passed when lives are on the line. Plus, we’re pretty sure they’ve thought of most everything possible to pack into one swinging, slamming, chopping, prying beast. The TNT Emergency Survival Tool incorporates an ax, ram, sledge hammer, pry tool, and pike hook into one mean task-eliminating tool.  By combining 5 useful tools into one handy item, you can save on space and weight with the added benefit of knowing that you’ll always have the right tool for the right job.

The damage inflicting end is made from high-carbon steel that has been heat-treated and then powder coated so it will happily take any abuse you care to toss its way. The handle is solid fiberglass to cut down on weight while retaining strength, and comes in  a variety of lengths ranging from 30”- 40”. The whole package weighs in at a manageable 11lbs for the shorter models and only 14 lbs. for the big bad boys.

The TNT Emergency Survival Tool is definitely a nice thing to have at the ready in case of disasters, and probably pretty helpful to have at camp or around the house for the honey-do’s and don’ts.

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