The 5 Most Outrageous Things People Keep In Their Safes

When it comes to owning  home safes, people are always trying to keep their valuables protected.  While many people simply use their safes as a place to store important documents and family treasures, other people have put some pretty outrageous things in their home safes.  Depending upon the size of the safes, you can store quite a bit of stuff inside.

Here are some interesting examples of things that people have stored inside of their safes:

1. A Christian Louboutin shoe collection:

Everyone knows that women love their shoes, but this lucky lady with the luxury show collection  is really paranoid about her pumps. Although it may be justified, because these luxurious shoes are made by a high-end French designer and are extremely expensive. An entire collection of them was found in a safe where someone definitely wanted to make sure that their expensive collection of footwear was protected.


2. Hermes scarf collection:

Scarves aren’t exactly what jump to mind when you think about a hardened criminal looking for the next big haul, but these French scarves can range in price from $300 to over $700 a piece. So it is no surprise that this ultra protective safe owner wanted to make sure that her scarves were well protected from the elements and any potential thieving hands. Plus, no one wants to contribute to the seedy black market silk scarf trade.


3. Extremely expensive alcohol:

We all have that one friend who comes over empty handed, but always leaves having drank more than their fair share of our best hooch. Who wants to take the chance that your friend drops by your home and takes a quick drink of your ultra high-end alcohol? Well, not this guy….that’s for sure. An entire collection was found in a home safe. Most likely the owner wanted to save the expensive beverages all for himself.


4. Harley Davidson motorcycles:

As most any man can attest, Harley’s are just plain cool. These iconic two-wheeled rumbling beasts have been ridden  by every man’s man, rock star, and cool guy from Elvis to Brad Pitt. One safe owner keeps his entire collection of these sought after motorcycles in his walk-in vault that was specifically made for the purpose of keeping these puppies all to himself.


5. A safe for a rapper’s grills:

When we say “grills”, we don’t mean the kind you use for barbeques. These grills are the fake teeth that some rappers like to wear with diamonds and gold in them. This particular rapper didn’t want to take any chances on his grills coming up missing, so he stored them all in a safe that was built specifically to keep his bling on lock!


Home safes get their name because of the job they do. People definitely have different ideas about what is considered to be “valuable”, and therefore worthy of being securely protected. I guess it is that old saying of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. No matter what you hold dear, all good home safes should allow you to keep those treasures secure.


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