That’s Not A Pen….This Is A Pen

A Tuff Writer Tactical Pen to be exact. And “What in the world is a tactical pen?” you ask. The tactical pen by Tuff Writer is a supremely strong writing instrument that does double duty as a defensive weapon as well. The hardened aluminum case and stiletto point functions well as an everyday carry self-defense tool that you can discreetly keep at the ready.

The unfortunate truth is that the world is a dangerous place and threats surround us on a daily basis. While no one expects to be mugged, physically harmed, or the subject of ill-will at the hands of a madman, those of us that are most prepared are the most likely to survive an attack or avoid it all together. The tactical pen is one such tool that might be the difference maker in maintaining personal safety. Tuff Writer designed the tactical pen as a take anywhere defensive implement that can go most of the  places where other self-defense items such as guns, knives, pepper sprays, and tasers are prohibited.

Available in multiple sizes and colors all Tuff Writer tactical pens are made from aerospace grade aluminum that has been hard anodized for additional strength and features a knurled surface treatment for a non slip grip. They make use of the Fisher Space Pen Pressurized SPR4 cartridge that allows for writing at any angle or orientation, and also ensures the pen is easily refillable. Tuff Writer insists the pen is always ready for duty and writes at altitudes up to 12,500 feet and operates in temperatures from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Starting at $79.95 for the Frontline Series and going all the way up to $249.95 for the EDC Series in titanium, the Tuff Writer tactical pens don’t come cheap but just might be priceless if they help to save you from harm.

Visit Tuff Writer for more information and to purchase a tactical pen.

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