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Carbon Fiber Never Looked So Deadly

Carbon Fiber Gear has introduced a brand new set of slick daggers made completely of their namesake material of course, carbon fiber. Carbon fiber isn’t the first material that jumps to mind when thinking of devastating edged tools

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Things to Think About When Purchasing a Home Safe

Think of a home safe and two things may immediately pop into your mind: A cleverly concealed wall safe (a la nearly every James Bond movie ever filmed), or a massive, heavy, impenetrable estate safe.

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Don’t Choose The Wrong Vault Door

A solid vault provides the best burglary and fire protection available, and they’re also relatively easy to conceal. However, every vault comes with a built-in potential weak point: The vault door. Here are some common

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3 Tips When Selecting a Vault Door

Constructing a vault to store your treasures can be a major undertaking, ensuring you select the right vault door will guarantee your treasure chest lasts a lifetime…

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The Bad Boy Bullpup

Who doesn’t want BIG fire power in a compact package?  We all want to get the maximum benefit out of any given situation no matter the variables, that’s why the phrase “the most bang for your buck” is something we
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Don’t Panic, We Got A Room For That

Over the past few years we’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of clients coming to us looking to purchase vault doors for panic rooms. If you aren’t familiar with this term, a panic room or safe room, is
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Sophisticated Surveillance With Your Smartphone

Nowadays we hold a lot of power in the palm of our hand, quite literally in fact, we constantly use our smartphones for all sorts of advanced applications. Now you can also use your smartphone to keep an eye on your home, family, or
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10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While Away on Summer Vacation

One of the keys to enjoying a vacation is knowing that your home is safe and secure. It can be very hard to concentrate on having a good time when you are concerned about break-ins and fires back at home. Here are some steps that you can take to protect your home as much as possible even when you aren’t around. Continue reading »

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8 Things You Should Know About Safe Cracking.

The extremely entertaining  folks over at The Smoking Jacket, Playboy’s safe for work comedy blog, just posted a very informative and well written article – Stuff You Should Know: Safe Cracking. This post is full of inside info on the sad
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Chronos Luxury Watch Safe

The following post contains quite the security safe. It’s called “The Chronos” and it’s the most advanced safe yet produced by Brown Safe Manufacturing. Each Chronos features biometric finger print recognition, gps anti-theft systems, multi-sensor alarm with home automation incorporation, and automatic watch winders… Continue reading »

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