Spytech Specs Get Smart

It’s come to our attention that the development team at the ultra secretive Google X laboratory has a new project in the works. Google is calling it Project Glass, and the concept centers around the idea of wearable technology that seamlessly integrates with your everyday life. The hardware takes the form of slim glasses with a small screen that would sit above your eye, on which projected images appear as you communicate with the Android software to show you maps, take calls, snap pictures, and do most any other thing your favorite Smartphone currently does. This technology is still very much in the development stage, but we can definitely see a future where these glasses could allow technology to be more seamlessly and discreetly implemented…all while freeing up the use of both your hands for other important tasks like testing your evasive driving skills, honing your hand-to-hand combat tactics, scaling large buildings, or whatever else you’re into.

Check out Google’s short video showcasing how the Project Glass could be utilized during your day to day activities.

………and now for a bit more of an entertaining look, check out this take on the Google Glass Project

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