Sophisticated Surveillance With Your Smartphone

Nowadays we hold a lot of power in the palm of our hand, quite literally in fact, we constantly use our smartphones for all sorts of advanced applications. Now you can also use your smartphone to keep an eye on your home, family, or anything else you want to protect or keep tabs on with the brand new Dropcam. This small Wi-Fi video camera captures 720p HD video in real time and streams the encrypted video to secure servers where it can be viewed at anytime on any web enabled device. Using the same advanced technology used by bank surveillance systems, your video is kept safe and secure so that you can monitor your home to ensure it is also safe and secure.

With the free Dropcam app, you can use your smartphone to view your video while you’re away and even receive alerts of any unexpected activity. The Dropcam Wi-Fi surveillance camera’s software tracks movements and sounds. When enabled the motion and audio detection system will send an alert via email or iPhone push notifications. Other innovative features include the ability to examine a particular area of interest a little more closely with digital pan and zoom through its online interface, and the two-way audio feature allows you to both listen in and have your voice heard.

One of the most impressive features of the Dropcam for surveillance purposes is its use of infrared technology which allows you to view video recorded in total darkness. During daylight or under well lit conditions the video appears just as you’d expect, but once night falls or the lighting conditions degrade, Dropcam’s night vision automatically turns on.

Although this video monitoring system may not be as advanced as a professional grade surveillance system,  all and all the Dropcam looks to be a simple and convenient monitoring system that provides real-time access to the palm of your hand.

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