The Black Mamba by Nubeo

Kobe Bryant proves he’s got game on and off the court with his latest endeavor. He has teamed up with the Basel Switzerland based boutique watch brand Nubeo to create a truly unique luxury timepiece.

Here is what Nubeo has to say about partnering with Kobe Bryant and the resulting horological masterpiece:

“Partnering with Kobe has been a dream come true for Nubeo. After all, who hasn’t imagined embarking on an exciting adventure with their hero? Working as a team, Kobe and Nubeo are leveraging their common attributes, such as readily facing multi-faceted and complex challenges with unsurpassed vigor and optimism that generates results. Ultimately, the keys to Kobe’s triumphs as an athlete closely resemble those of Nubeo’s success as a luxury watch maker: innate abilities, intuition and creativity. We at Nubeo recognize the “Black Mamba” as a symbol of a true superhero: a mythical, ever surviving image of ancient Greece. Kobe is our modern day version of that classical hero.”

As in nature, creative brands are in constant evolution, Nubeo’s Jellyfish, a watch symbolizing the image of medusa, has transformed into a reflection of the Black Mamba, a formidable predator that is both attractive and dangerous. The “Black Mamba” mutation is a direct result of the luxury watchmaker’s partnership with Kobe, widely respected as the best basketball player on the planet, who inspired Nubeo to reach new heights in the fine art of uniting imaginative design with magnificent craftsmanship. And only because of Nubeo’s recent advancements in technical and aesthetic capability has this project been made possible.
Kobe is honoured with the nickname “Black Mamba” for his unmatched ability to conquer the opponent with a quick and deadly precision that is beautiful to behold. Nubeo’s meticulous timepiece is also a reflection of this fascinating creature: an innovative construction that redefines the sports watch in both style and complexity.

Advanced technology at the service of the most innovative materials, the Black Mamba project is the largest and most complex of Nubeo’s endeavors to date.
Along with the skills of Nubeo’s in-house team and its external collaborators, the implementation of new technologies has proven essential to bring this watch to fruition.
The first step in creating the different parts and components to be assembled is 3-D computer software. The experience acquired by 4D,  Nubeo’s concept and design department, has allowed the Swiss firm to combine two different modeling systems. First is the mechanical module process geared towards the design of parts and components on the basis of a traditional approach. However, the sheer complexity of the Black Mamba case has required modeling of more complex surfaces with non-parametric values. Combining these two modelling systems is a Nubeo hallmark which is rarely present in the traditional methods of Swiss luxury watchmaking. As to the materials used, the Black Mamba draws out the full aesthetic potential of the most innovative materials. Rubber, Grade 5 Titanium, and Ceramic are the primary materials used in manufacturing the Black Mamba. They are all notable for their light weight, high resistance and ergonomic features. But the are not easy to handle, especially in a watch as complex as the Black Mamba, and this has lengthened the process of component design and manufacturing.

Among the most striking features of the Nubeo Black Mamba is the matt finish of its surfaces, along with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) treatments which confer added strength to the components while providing the Black Mamba with a sophisticated and fascinating black finish.

Black Mamba Specifications:

• Outer Case – Ceramic with matt black finish.

• Inner Case – Titanium Grade 5 matt surface.

• Bezel – Ceramic black base, titanium numbers with DLC and top ring in black rubber.

• Bezel Gems – Set of 48 baguette cut, trapezium shaped emeralds gems.

• Dial – Black matt dial  with black counters and gems.

• Outer ring Dial Gems – 48 baguettes cut emeralds gems.

• Dial counters Gems – 72 round, brilliant cut Natural black sapphires.

• Movement – Self-Winding with chronograph function, hours, minutes, small seconds and date.

• Bracelet – Black natural rubber with buckle in titanium Grade 5 with DLC coating.

• Total Gems – 168 Gems, 10.98 carats.

• Limited Edition – Unique piece.

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