Chronos Luxury Watch Safe

In an effort to provide watch collectors the most secure and convenient protection for their timepieces, Brown Safe has created The Chronos Series of luxury watch safes. Brown Safe Mfg. is recognized as the premier builder of high-security luxury safes and vaults, and the Chronos represents the most advanced safe ever built by the company.

A true first of its kind, the Chronos watch safe incorporates cutting edge manufacturing process’ which allow it to be constructed completely out of military-grade ballistic armor and encased in a fire resistant composite cladding – insuring virtually nothing can harm your watch collection. Advanced technological innovations include biometric fingerprint-reading entry, a gps anti-theft system, and integration with your home’s security system. Timepieces are easily organized and kept in perfect running condition thanks to custom watch winder panels featuring Orbita winders, and have been built to accommodate anywhere from 8 to 36 watches. Available with an interior height of either 42” or 62”, each Chronos is custom made per the collector’s request and Brown Safe offers a high degree of customization based on specific needs and wants. Requests have ranged from custom paint jobs to match exotic sports cars, complete carbon fiber body wraps, and even the world’s first automated watch winder carousel.

Visit the Brown Safe website for complete details on the Chronos Luxury Watch Safe.

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