Knight in Shining Armor

Conquest Vehicles, a Toronto based design and manufacturing auto company, has created the ultimate armored luxury sport utility vehicle. The Knight XV is like nothing else available to the civilian market. It combines the hefty size and armored security of sturdy military vehicles with the luxury appointments of high-end autos. Just one look at one of these massive beasts and there is no mistake that they are all business. Between its ballistic armored skin and powerful v10 engine pushing the 40 inch tires, the Knight XV by Conquest Vehicles, Inc. can get out of just about any trouble you can get into.

If you do happen to be in a serious life or death scenario, then you might as well do it in style with all the refined appointments you could want right at your fingertips. Choose between 6 way electric conference seating or cabin seating that is more akin to a private aircraft than it is to a suv.

Air ride suspension is controlled in cabin so ride comfort can be tuned on the fly and adjusted for load handling. Roof mounted spot lights have over 300 degrees of searching capability using the interior remote controlled joystick. While night vision cameras mounted at the front and rear mean nothing goes unseen even in blackout mode.

The Knight XV makes use of the highest quality ballistic aluminum, high-strength steel, ceramics and other composites in the exterior cladding to create an armored exterior based on each owner’s specific needs.

Base prices start north of $600K for these Knights in shining armor.

Visit the Conquest Vehicle’s website for more information about the KNIGHT XV.

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