Keep Your Cool

Ever think to yourself “I can make this better?” Well that’s exactly what the creators of Massif clothing thought when they found that the flame resistant gear required by their profession severely lacked in many other critical areas commonplace in performance clothing. They found that while these garments could help to save their life in the event of a fire, the complete absence of breathability, stretch, wicking, and comfort was severely compromising their ability to perform their job at the highest level. With the problem squarely in their mind, they began working on a solution, and after exhaustive research they developed revolutionary fabrics that have quickly become the new standard for flame resistant gear to those who take on the world’s most dangerous jobs. With this proprietary blend of high quality fibers selected for the optimum combination of flame resistance, weight, strength, breathability, moisture management, and durability Massif’s gear keeps you safe and at the top of your game.

Massif produces some of the best performance and flame resistant clothing  that we’ve come across. Not only does the Massif line actually perform its job of keeping you safe under harsh conditions, the civilian line actually looks stylish and is rather affordable for the level of quality and performance characteristics of the garments. Now you can sport gear that fulfills your needs without sacrificing comfort or standing out like a sore thumb.

Visit their website to learn more about Massif Flame Resistant Clothing

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