Home Safe Sales Are On The Rise

Home Safes are growing in popularity and quickly becoming a must-have item. More and more people need a dependable and secure place to store valuables, and the necessity of owning a Home Safe is further evidenced by today’s article in The New York Times which showcases the many reasons for owning a high quality home safe. 

The increase in Home Safe purchases is largely due to the current uncertainty we are all faced with.  Today’s article in The New York Times credits the trend towards Home Safes as spurred on by the economic downturn and recent natural disasters.  In response to the recession and current economic uncertainty, many people want a reliable place to store their possessions. The aforementioned New York Times article highlights this point, citing examples of individuals buying home safes to store the physical silver and gold they’ve bought as a hedge against a weakening dollar.

Unfortunately, we are all faced with the harsh reality that comes during these unsettling events and realize there is a need to safeguard those things which we hold dear. High unemployment and the increased cost of food and fuel means many individuals are feeling the squeeze, and crime has gone up as a result. The vice president of Brown Safe, Lynel Berryhill, notes, “Our customers increasingly have been telling us they want a home safe to prevent petty theft of jewelry and cash by would-be burglars or even their household help”.

Although, the doomsdayers aren’t the only ones recognizing the many benefits of owning a home safe. In addition to the dire economic situation and elevated instances of burglaries, home safes are being purchased for their advanced features and convenience. Modern day safes are vastly superior to the simple and ugly metal boxes most people are familiar with. Modern home safes can greatly enhance organization and convenience. Gone are the days when you need to go to the bank to retrieve items from a safety deposit box. Customizable home safe interiors can be set up to hold hanging files for important documents, include beautifully appointed jewelry chests with customizable layouts  for your favorite pieces, automatic watch winders to keep your timepieces perfectly wound, specialty rack systems for weapons, and more.  Modern home safes also boast substantially more advance security features than those of old; including biometric fingerprint reading entry, gps anti-theft systems, integration with home automation and security, military grade ballistic armor panel construction, and fire protection.

Right now it is more important than ever to do all you can to safeguard your family and treasured valuables. Investing in a quality high-security home safe will help provide the assurance needed to forge ahead during these uncertain times.

To find more information on how a home safe can safeguard your valuables visit our home safes page.



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